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Final Fantasy Tactics Designer Yasumi Matsuno Gives Hope for a Remaster

Written by Marcello TBL

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Final Fantasy Tactics could be making a comeback, as Yasumi Matsuno, the original game’s designer, replied to a fan’s inquiry about the possibility of a remaster with a very specific question that suggests the game is indeed in development.

Twitter user V2 reported, “Many Final Fantasy Tactics fans are eager for the rumored remaster to be announced,” to which Matsuno himself responded in a rather peculiar way with a question that almost confirms ongoing work: “If we do the remaster, do you think it’s better to weaken the Thunder God Cid, who has been accused of disrupting the balance?”

Of course, it’s not a direct answer and cannot be taken as confirmation. Still, a question like this implies that, at the very least, a new version of Final Fantasy Tactics seems to have been on the minds of the Square Enix developers for some time, with design concerns already being discussed.

It’s worth noting that Matsuno refers to a remaster rather than a remake, just like the user he directly responded to. Rumors about a possible remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics have been circulating for years, starting from the famous leak of the Nvidia GeForce NOW document in 2021, which has become a myth in the realm of rumors.

The conversation continued with the user requesting to lower the power of Thunder God Cid, at least from the “Chuck Norris level” he was at in the original game, and Matsuno thanked him for the feedback.


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