Ghotic Roguelike Deliverance & Reign Revealed

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Deliverance & Reign

One Up Plus, the indie dev behind DungeonTop and Defend the Rook has announced their new title called Deliverance & Reign. A new game that combines the elements of gothic battle and roguelike deckbuilding mechanics. In this game, players can choose to play as either Good or Evil, invading Alaric’s Castle or defending it as Alaric himself.

Deliverance & Reign as the name suggests offers two different game modes: Deliverance and Reign. Each mode has its unique features and feels like a separate game, with separate saves, progression, and achievements. Players can switch freely between modes at any point in the game.

Deliverance & Reign

Deliverance mode allows players to become a brave hero and assault Alaric’s castle, fighting through his horde of monsters to put an end to his reign of terror. There are four floors to conquer, each with its unique boss battle. Players must manage their strengths and weaknesses carefully, pick their class and starting cards, and choose when to retreat or brave forward. Those who defeat Alaric at his weakest will unlock Hell Layers, additional difficulty modifiers that challenge even the most hardcore players.

Reign mode, on the other hand, allows players to corrupt themselves and take control of the tyrant Alaric. They must protect their castle against a group of foolish heroes who are invading it. Players can forge a bond with one of the six malevolent factions, enslave a legion of minions, and distribute them across three different floors. Each boss battle is unique and requires a different approach to overcome.

Deliverance & Reign offers a giant variety of cards, play styles, and difficulty modifiers that challenge players of all levels. With its 6 classes, 25 weapons, 53 artifacts, 25 blessings, 40 enemy minions, 7 bosses, and 29 achievements, the game is the perfect entry into the roguelike deckbuilding genre.

There is no release date yet. Below is an overview of the game via Steam and the announcement Trailer

Engage in a gothic battle where Good defies Evil using roguelike deckbuilding mechanics, built for hardcore fans and newcomers alike!

Choose your path: bring Deliverance from Alaric’s terror, or turn into the tyrant himself and defend his Reign.

Deliverance & Reign is a complete and complex experience, split into two hugely different game modes: Deliverance and Reign.

Each mode is unique and feels like an entirely new, interconnected game!

Switch freely between them at any point, with separate Saves, Progression and Achievements to ensure the integrity of your progress.

With a giant variety of cards and play styles, choose your own path by upgrading and expanding your deck.

Built for beginners and hardcore fans of the genre, Deliverance & Reign is the perfect entry into the Roguelike Deckbuilding, yet also challenges veterans with its multiple Hell Layers – difficulty modifiers that will test you to the core!


Become a brave hero and assault Alaric’s castle, fighting through his horde of vicious monsters in your quest to put an end to his reign of terror.
Advance through dangerous halls as you make your way to the top floor, where his throne awaits.

Pick your class and your starting cards with caution! Your survival depends on how well you can manage your strengths and weaknesses – you must learn what to take and what to leave behind.

Keep in mind that each Class has its own unique buff, debuff and resource!

At the end of each floor, choose to retreat and keep all your treasures to strengthen yourself for another attempt, or brave forward for greater rewards… at enormous risks.

There are 4 floors to conquer, each culminating in an unique Boss Battle, where your strategical mind will be tested to its limits.

But beware: If you waste too much time, the most hideous beasts will crawl out of their lair and tear you to pieces!

Those brave enough to defeat Alaric at his weakest will unlock Hell Layers, difficulty modifiers that are sure to bring even the most hardcore player to their knees.

Deliverance Features:

  • 6 Classes, each with 37 Skills and their own loadouts;
  • 25 Weapons and 53 Artifacts;
  • 25 Blessings;
  • 40 enemy Minions and 7 bosses;
  • 15 Hell Layers (additional difficulty modifiers);
  • 29 Achievements;

Can you bring Deliverance from Alaric’s Reign of terror, or will his castle’s halls hear your dying breath?


Corrupt yourself and take control of the tyrant Alaric himself!A group of foolish heroes are about to invade your castle, and you must do everything in your power to stop them.

Forge a Bond with one of the 6 malevolent factions to protect your castle against the intruders, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and quirks!

Enslave a legion of minions and distribute them between three different floors (Lanes) as your enemies charge towards the top, where your Throne Room resides.

The choice is yours: go slow and strategically, utilizing every card at your disposal to defeat your enemies, or surround them with minions and destroy them with your spells!

Each Boss Battle is unique and requires a different approach to overcome. Find the correct synergies and strategies to obliterate the pathetic heroes!

Reign Features:

  • 6 factions, each with 9 Champion variants, 31 units and spells, and 22 upgrades;
  • 34 enemies and 14 bosses across 14 battles;
  • 17 Mysterious events to discover between battles:
  • 15 hell layers (additional difficulty modifiers);
  • 29 achievements;

It is time you rise up from your Throne and obliterates the foolish invaders that seek to end your Reign!


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