Gordian Quest: Releasing This Month on The Nintendo Switch!

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Gordian Quest Nintendo Switch Key Art

Mixed Realm‘s critically acclaimed deckbuilder RPG, Gordian Quest will finally be released on the Nintendo Switch this month. The Ultima inspired RPG has been available on Steam and GOG for more than a year now. And soon enough, Switch players can finally get their hands on the exhilarating RPG.

Gordian Quest gameplay.

About Gordian Quest

Made by Mixed Realms, Gordian Quest is a turn-based tactical deckbuilding RPG with roguelike mechanics inspired by games like Ultima and D&D. Lead and nurture parties of heroes, forge bonds and discover new skills among them. Guide your party to unravel the sinister curses laid upon the lands.

Key Features

A Myriad of Modes: From the expansive Campaign Mode to the endless challenges of roguelite Realm Mode to the highly explorable procedurally generated Adventure Mode, Gordian Quest offers an infinite amount of replayability.

Ten Diverse Heroes: Featuring classes like the Swordhand, Druid, Golemancer and more – each with a unique playstyle.

Rich Customization: With close to 800 combined passive and active skills, gear up your heroes the way you choose for strategic turn-based battles.

A Personalized Quest: With multiple difficulty options, endless loot that can power up or curse your character alongside critical decision-making and dice rolls, no Gordian Quest adventure is the same as the last.

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Nintendo Switch players can finally get their hands on the game starting October 26th, 2023 for $19.99.

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