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Gordian Quest

Gordian Quest

Roguelite Deck-building RPG Gordian Quest’s New Update

Indie game studio Mixed Realms has launched the latest major update for the roguelite party-based deck-building RPG Gordian Quest on Steam Early Access, which brings new story content f...

Gordian Quest

Gordian Quest: Preview

Gordian Quest, by Mixed Realms, is a fantasy deck building game which features both a tactical/positional element and an attempt to emulate a character-driven RPG-style structure. The game features Re...

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Gordian Quest

Gordian Quest

An epic RPG inspired by old-school classics like Ultima and Wizardry, using modern gaming concepts like deckbuilding and turn-based strategic combat. Lead and nurture parties of heroes. Forge bonds an...

Gordian Quest

Gordian Quest – At First Sight

Gordian Quest, a roguelike that combines the best elements of deckbuilding, tactical combat and strategic decision-making developed by Mixed Realms Pte Ltd. After an hour of gameplay here are the thin...

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December should be a month full of surprises and gifts, but this year, at least at a first sight, Santa Claus seems to be a bit stingy! Yes, we all know that, during the next month, it will be finally...