NeocoreGames is pleased to announce that King Arthur: Knight’s Tale‘s December Early Access Patch is available on Steam. The turn-based tactical RPG‘s latest update adds the first iteration of its optional PvP mode and many new features and changes. These include:

  • Optional PvP game mode
  • Redesigned Act 1 of the story campaign
  • Redesigned Adventure Map
  • Redesigned Camelot management, including new building mechanics and upgrade
  • New skills and new items
Knight's Tale

In PvP mode players can assemble their own 4-man parties, with pre-made hero-kits and launch 1v1 matches against others in various instanced maps. PvP in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is optional and balanced in a way that fresh players still have a fighting chance against veteran players.
A brand new trailer has been released for this occasion, focusing on the newly added PvP mode, and on the upcoming Endgame mode and Seasonal features.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will leave Early Access and come out as a full PC release on February 15, 2022. Check out the 10 Turns Interview with devs.


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