Telepath Tactics Liberated announced

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Telepath Tactics Liberated

For those who never played Telepath Tactics, Telepath Tactics Liberated is a deep and engaging strategy RPG built upon the combat mechanics of Telepath games past, albeit with layers and layers of tactical depth poured on.

Featuring a cast of dozens of engaging characters, a well-told story, 72 classes, more than 150 skills, branching promotions, and mechanical depth still not seen in any other strategy RPG to date, Telepath Tactics Liberated is an SRPG fan’s SRPG.

Telepath Tactics Liberated

Think Fire Emblem, but with trees and foliage you can hack through; the ability to place traps; the power to build bridges or barricades on the fly; the option to shove enemies off cliffs, to pull them into water or lava, or to hurl them into each other for crushing damage. All of that is here and more!


  • New hand-designed maps!
  • New dialogue (including victory barks for each character)!
  • New difficulty modes!
  • 3D terrain! (Elevation effects no longer distort the map; characters visibly sink into water or lava and disappear into chasms.)
  • Beautiful hand-painted portraits with varying facial expressions!
  • Gorgeous HDR bloom lighting, attack effects, and particle effects!
  • A more visually dynamic presentation with idle animations, animated water and lava, animated smoke, vegetation that moves in the wind, etc.
  • More than 40 new skills to learn!
  • More than two dozen new classes!
  • Branching promotions!
  • Special, hard-to-get items that let you promote characters early!
  • Rebalanced characters!
  • New items and equipment!
  • 10 new status effect types!
  • Smarter AI! (You will now get shoved off of cliffs if you’re not careful!)
  • Support for saving mid-battle!
  • A vastly improved user interface, including a dedicated shop interface and a dedicated promotion interface!
  • A vastly improved camera system!
  • Attack range is displayed when you click enemies, not just move range!
  • Support for auto-move-and-attack!
  • Improved backstab mechanics!
  • The ability to shove characters into each other for damage!
  • New music by composer Ryan Richko!
  • Support for multiple different screen resolutions, including 4K!
  • Proc gen reinforcement characters who can join you under certain conditions!
  • A full-fledged campaign editing suite, not just a map and dialogue editor!
  • An improved and expanded scripting system for modding your own game logic!

Telepath Tactics Liberated will be coming out in mid-March 2022. Go ahead and visit the Steam page to wishlist and follow the game!


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