Lemnis Gate Update 1.3 will bring new content to the time-bending combat strategy shooter

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Lemnis Gate

Update 1.3 is out now across all platforms! This free update adds new content to Lemnis Gate as well as several bug fixes and quality of life updates. 2v2 Ranked Mode has been reactivated, so now you and a friend can team up against someone else in the time loop for competitive action. Please ensure your game is updated to the latest version so you’ll have access to everything.

Please find below YouTube links highlighting what’s in this FREE update:

EN (ESRB + End Slate): https://youtu.be/_G_evU_4LHQ
EN (PEGI): https://youtu.be/oL60tHyi7Jw
EN (ESRB): https://youtu.be/EnVU-RSOglU

The Nest – New Retrieve XM Map
A new off-world site has been added to Lemnis Gate. The Nest is anchored to the upper rim of a massive impact crater, situated under a shattered moon. This construction site is the future home of an experimental retrieval and delivery system, which will provide earth with a steady stream of raw Exotic Matter. Until it’s completed, it’s up to the Lemnis Industries operatives to collect and transport the XM back home. This Retrieve XM map is sure to challenge all players, with lots of places to hide, but also plenty of opportunities for ambushes.

Botler Cosmetic – New Skin for KARL
Give KARL a fantastic makeover with the new Botler skin, which includes two different colour variants. This cosmetic skin will make KARL quite the dapper robot, complete with large mustache and jaunty bowler hat. You can also unlock a new Emblem and a new weapon skin. Check out what you’ll be able to unlock below:

NVIDIA DLSS Support for PC
Update 1.3 adds NVIDIA DLSS support, boosting performance in Lemnis Gate for those playing on NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs. DLSS will boost your framerates while providing uncompromised image quality. 

Bug Fixes & Quality of Life Improvements
A number of bug fixes and quality of life adjustments have been added to the game. Read more below:

Lemnis Gate – Update 1.3 Notes
Version number: 1.3.26342

New Content

  • New Botler Hex Grid for KARL: Added the new ‘Botler’ Hex grid for KARL, with a new Emblem, 2x Operative skins and 1x Weapon skin to unlock
  • New Map – The Nest: A new Retrieve XM map, The Nest, is now available. This also comes with its own Recon Drone Time Trial and 20 more Collectibles to locate in Training Mode


  • 2v2 Ranked Matchmaking: 2v2 Ranked Mode matchmaking is now available, and will no longer redirect players to Normal mode.
  • Leaderboards:
    • MMR now comes before RANK in leaderboards
    • Added 2v2 specific leaderboard categories for MMR and RANK
  • Added Spectator Mode (Normal matchmaking): You can now spectate games using the Recon Drone. Connect to a match already in progress with a Join Code.
    • Once you’ve entered the Join Code, a “WATCH” button will become available on screen
    • Select the ‘WATCH’ button once you’ve fully entered the correct join code and you’ll immediately start spectating the match
  • Further Motion Sickness Improvements: Jump, land, accelerate and decelerate camera movements are now bound to the ‘Head Bob’ settings slider so they can be tuned down or turned completely off
  • Miscellaneous Crash Fixes:
    • Fixed a Training Mode crash when switching from the Recon Drone to a dead operative respawn
    • Fixed an issue where the player could fall through the map and potentially cause a crash
    • Server recursion crash fixed when collecting / depositing XM
    • Fixed some further server-side crashes during server shutdown
  • Auto Sprint Mode: Added an ‘Auto’ sprint mode option for keyboard & mouse and controller
  • Toggle Sprint:
    • Reloading now cancels the sprint action if using Toggle sprint mode
    • Returning to a walk now cancels the sprint action if using the Toggle sprint mode
  • MMR Tuning:
    • Ranked Play: When defeated by someone with MMR 200 points higher than yours you won’t lose a rank tier
    • Matchmaking MMR Evaluation: Matchmaking now prioritises MMR matching after cross-regional search is activated
    • MMR Update: 2v2 MMR and rank is now separated from 1v1 MMR and rank
  • Rush Extra Speed Exploit: Removed the ability to exceed Rush’s max sprint speed after landing on ground
  • Operative Spawning: Improvement to operative spawning to fix a momentary glitch on spawn with lag
  • Emotes: Uncensored emotes with ‘damn’ in them that were being incorrectly censored by the profanity filter
  • Profanity Filter: Added the profanity filtering to the ‘WAITING FOR PLAYERS’ message box


  • Deathblow’s Proximity Mines:
    • Deathblow’s Proximity Mines no longer clip through Jump Pads
    • Fixed an issue where proximity mine damage could be blocked by small inconsistencies in ground collision surfaces
  • Projectile Fixes: KARL’s Projection Orb and Kapitan’s Frag Grenades will no longer launch in random directions when inter-penetrating operatives or Projection Orb shields when launched
  • Gameplay Tuning:
    • Slightly increased sprint speed for all operatives
    • Tuned the regular jump
    • Added a forward impulse when jumping
    • Decreased the additional jump height granted when slide jumping
    • Decreased slide speed for all operatives
    • Reduced the effectiveness of bunny hopping
    • Prevented quick drop activation for 0.3 seconds after launching off a jump pad
    • Reduced KARL’s Projection Orbhealth from 130->100
    • Vendetta Turret flying turn speed decreased from 50 to 35 and decreased health from 40 to 30
  • Match Summary:
    • Streamlined the half time match summary. Reduced waiting times and adjusted some UI elements
    • You can no longer concede the match from the half time match summary screen
    • Fixed the Rank animation not showing in certain scenarios
    • Renamed ‘NEXT MATCH’ to ‘REMATCH’ in match summary
  • Level Restrictions: Ranked mode is now restricted by level, defaulting to having to reach level 3 in Normal play mode before being able to access Ranked play mode
  • Time Loops:
    • The time loop will automatically reset when the operative countdown spawn preview starts
    • Restricted the number of time loop resets a player can do in all match types where you are not the only player playing (to avoid loop spamming in simultaneous play modes)


  • Strategy Marker: Corrected an issue with a missing animation when selecting a target with a strategy marker
  • Taunts: Fixed character animations taunt animations, which sometimes led to broken taunts when looking up and down with Kapitan or Vendetta
  • Third Person Recoil Animations: Added third person recoil animations for Karl, Rush, Toxin, Deathblow and Striker
  • Striker: Improvements to Striker’s ADS walk animations
  • First Person FOV Fixes: Fixed some first person weapon issues with Kapitan and Striker when viewed at 110 FOV


  • Integrated NVIDIA DLSS Support: Integrated NVIDIA DLSS support for both the PC Steam and PC Windows Store versions (DX12 only for the PC Windows Store)
  • Console FOV Slider: FOV slider is now available in the Graphics settings for all consoles


  • Firing Rate Cooldown: HUD feedback implemented that now shows the weapon firing rate cooldown for Deathblow, Striker and Vendetta
  • Online Status: The online status of players not on same platform is now hidden
  • Capturable Objective: ‘CAPTURE’ text no longer visible on the HUD in match replays
  • EULA Screen: Fixed a menu focus issue when exiting the EULA page while using a controller
  • Banning UI: Fix for player ban message not being localized correctly
  • Controller Focus Fix: Controller can no longer interact with the background when the emblem selector is open
  • Emote Wheel: Deactivated the emote wheel if showing when trying to interact (fixes an overlapping UI bug when capturing turrets)
  • Renaming Replays (Console): Fixed an issue when renaming a replay in the scoreboard on console. If the player cancelled the renaming by backing out of the keyboard, the player would have been unable from the textbox back to the ‘OK’ button.
  • Party Invites:
    • You will now return to the main menu if accepting a party invite when in a sub menu
    • Fixed a placeholder party members UI that was visible when accepting an invite when in another map
  • Scoreboard/Pause Menu: Fixed an issue where leaving the pause menu open when the ‘Continue’ timer reaches zero in 1st/2nd half end allows it to persist into the scoreboard
  • Scoring Issue Fixed : Fixed the score using last round value instead of latest
  • Text Chat: Chat now correctly scrolls to bottom when entering a long message
  • Recon Drone Time Trials: Added a LATEST time category to the Recon Drone time trials (only shows after you’ve completed a lap)
  • Improved Concede Pop-Up: Improved the concede pop-up box messaging when conceding through the menu


  • Line of Sight Exploits: Further line of sight fixes on Solitude, Devil’s Lair, The Arbor, Caldera and Howlers’ Mire
  • The Arbor:
    • Boundary fixes to tighten each of the outer walls of the playable space boundaries on each side
    • Fixed a tree asset that was floating with visible backface culling
    • Fixed a misalignment on some texture issues on a walkway by Particle Accelerator B & C
  • Caldera:
    • Players are no longer able to shoot through a section of the tunnel area near the Blue Gate, causing a blind spot
    • The sandstone structure near the Red spawn is no longer missing bullet collision
    • Multiple floating rock/pebble assets near the building that contains Resistor A and near the Red Gate
  • Chimera: 
    • Intro Sequence: Fixed the Chimera intro sequence so that the camera no longer clips into foliage
    • Fixed some minor texture issues on the top of the central building and a gap in the mesh on a bridge near Particle Accelerator A
  • Devil’s Lair:
    • Fixed an out of bounds issue in the Recon Drone & Photo modes in the ceiling above Particle Accelerator A
  • Howler’s Mire:
    • Fixed collision issues reported for the four manhole covers
    • Toxin can no longer teleport inside luminescent covered trees
  • Iridium Plains:
    • Fixed some minor texture issues on the metal beams seen throughout the map
    • Fixed the floating rock/pebble assets near the Red and Blue Gates
    • Tarp in the corridor below XM C no longer clips into the ground
  • Stratos IV:
    • Fixed the Recon Drone from clipping with angled panels under the playable area
  • Subterra:
    • Fixed some translucency and clipping issues with some stone/pebble assets near the Blue Gate
    • Fixed multiple areas where the Recon Drone could clip through the terrain
  • Tectonic Wells:
    • Fixed some minor texture issues on the tops of buildings and with fog planes visible when navigating with the Recon Drone
    • Training mode swapper can no longer be used from under a platform
    • It’s no longer possible for an XM to be irretrievable if it is dropped in the crevice between the stairs and rocks near the Red gate
  • Quarry:
    • Fixed some minor texture and clipping issues on the metal beams seen throughout the map
    • Fixed the floating rock/pebble assets near the base of Blue Gate spawn and near XM A
  • Utopia:
    • Fixed some floating grass assets near the Red Gate


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