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Monster-Taming Roguelite Abomi Nation Announced on Switch and Xbox

Written by Marcello TBL

Abomi Nation

If you are looking for the next Monster Catching Obsession, look no further

DANGEN Entertainment and Orange Pylon Games are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Abomi Nation for Nintendo Switch and Xbox. The game, already available on PC via Steam, is set to hit Switch and Xbox digital stores on September 28th, 2023, offering players a unique blend of monster-taming action and roguelite mechanics.

Abomi Nation Gameplay

About the Game

Drawing inspiration from the renowned ‘Nuzlocke’ challenge, Abomi Nation promises to rejuvenate the genre with its distinctive characters and gameplay elements. Designed for both casual gamers and hardcore roguelite enthusiasts, the game boasts high replayability and extensive customization options.

Venture into the dynamic world of Abomi Nation, where every island run presents a new landscape, team, and adventure. The island itself is a living, breathing entity, constantly evolving and reshaping with each game iteration. This ensures that players are always on their toes, encountering new towns, NPCs, challenges, and discoveries.

The Combat System

At the core of Abomi Nation is its intricate turn-based combat system. Players must strategize, understanding their foes’ elemental strengths and weaknesses. With a roster of over 175 enchanting Abomis to befriend and train, players can craft their ideal team, each member bringing their unique abilities to the table. Execute powerful moves, rally your team, and dominate the battlefield!

Abomi Nation Combat System

The Bonding System

The game also introduces a bonding system, where the relationship between two Abomis can influence their behavior in battle. Each Abomi has its distinct personality, affecting how they react to various situations. Strengthen your team’s bond by sharing meals, playing mini-games, and engaging in town events.

Abomi Nation offers a tailored gaming experience, allowing players to choose between the adrenaline rush of permadeath or a more laid-back adventure. The game also features fan-favorite characters from DANGEN Entertainment’s hit titles, Bug Fables: The Last Sapling and Disc Creatures, providing an added treat for long-time fans.

Words from the devs

Carl Pilon, the visionary behind Orange Pylon Games, shared his excitement about the upcoming launch: “Releasing Abomi Nation on consoles has been a dream come true. A huge shoutout to the team at DANGEN Entertainment for making this possible. We can’t wait for Nintendo Switch and Xbox gamers to dive into this captivating world!

Get ready to tame, train, and triumph in Abomi Nation! Pre-order now the Nintendo Switch version.


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