Tactical Heist Game Spirited Thief Now Available on PC

Written by Marcello TBL

Spirited Thief

A brand-new Tactical Stealth Game is now available

Koi Snowman Games, a one-man studio, in collaboration with publisher Ishtar Games, proudly presents Spirited Thief. This turn-based stealth game is now available on Steam, and to mark the occasion, a brand-new narrative gameplay trailer has been released.

About Spirited Thief

Dive into the adventures of Elaj, a thief who lost his magical abilities, and Trin, a ghost with a unique set of skills. Together, they embark on a thrilling journey, navigating through vaults, crypts, castles, and dungeons. While the Thieves’ Guild might frown upon their activities, Elaj and Trin believe in the power of teamwork. Occasionally, they even join forces with other specialists to achieve their goals.

Players will utilize Trin’s ghostly abilities to scout locations, identify loot and guards, and strategize their heists. Elaj then takes the lead, collecting treasures and uncovering deeper mysteries. But remember, time is of the essence!

For a limited time, Spirited Thief is available on Steam with a 10% discount. Get your copy today!


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