Monster Train Devs Released Their Latest Roguelite Inkbound

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Inkbound is now available on PC via Steam in early access. It invites players to embark on an immersive and captivating online gaming experience that combines the best elements of Shiny Shoe’s award-winning title, Monster Train, with a mesmerizing twist. Within this dynamic turn-based roguelike, players will witness the enchanting and perilous magic of the written word come to life like never before.

Inkbound RPG

To delve into this extraordinary adventure, players need only an internet connection, allowing them to seamlessly connect with fellow gamers and explore the captivating realms of Inkbound together.

One of the standout features of Inkbound lies in its innovative reinvention of turn-based gameplay. Outside of combat, players enjoy the freedom of movement akin to an action game, creating a fluid and engaging experience. Within the unique turn-based combat system, players have the freedom to swiftly maneuver, act simultaneously with other players in multiplayer mode, and skillfully employ their character’s diverse abilities.

The game encourages players to adapt their pace wisely, moving swiftly during simpler decision-making moments, and slowing down to strategize more deeply when faced with heightened threats. This fast-paced action and tactical depth combination offers players the best of both worlds.

Inkbound immerses players in a rich and expanding universe rooted in the mystical Atheneum. All the stories ever written within this magical repository lie, with each book acting as a portal to a different world teeming with unique threats and challenges. As players progress, they can anticipate the Inkbound universe expanding over time, introducing new books, characters to encounter, and obstacles to overcome. The constantly evolving nature of the game ensures that each playthrough is filled with fresh and exciting surprises.


Diversity in character builds and progression is a key aspect of Inkbound’s gameplay. Players can explore a varied set of character classes, each offering a distinctive playstyle, and adapt their strategies on the fly to create powerful builds. With the ability to draft different abilities, upgrade them, and discover hundreds of items throughout their journey, players will continually uncover new and innovative ways to approach the formidable challenges they face.

Players can find companionship and cooperation within the Atheneum’s mystical halls. Serving as a bustling social hub, the Atheneum allows players to form parties of up to four individuals, comprising both friends and strangers alike. By joining forces, players can tackle formidable challenges as a cohesive team, strategizing together to create synergistic builds that maximize their chances of success. The bonds formed and the collaborative strategies devised within the Atheneum will prove crucial in conquering the numerous trials that await. Below my Gameplay First Look


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