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Miasma Chronicles

Miasma Chronicles is undoubtedly the title that almost all RPG lovers are eagerly anticipating. The new game from the developers of Mutant Year Zero, The Bearded Ladies, takes players to a post-apocalyptic America plagued by a dark affliction called Miasma. In the role of Elvis and his loyal robot, players must explore this decaying world and engage in tactical turn-based combat.

Miasma Chronicles Reviews

Unfortunately, we are not among the fortunate ones who obtained an early key to give our opinion on The Bearded Ladies’ latest creation. Therefore, for now, I will share some of the reviews that have started to populate the web.

Miasma Chronicles Reviews

When writing this article, major portals like Rock Paper Shotgun and PC Gamer are still missing, and they may or may not arrive in the coming hours. Here is a summary of the reviews from some of the most essential websites I follow.

Shacknews Review (8)

Miasma Chronicles excels in worldbuilding and storytelling, critically examining real-world issues surrounding powerful corporations and technological progress. The game poses thought-provoking questions about the ruling class and their actions in the face of crises. Despite the grim setting, the writing balances dark themes with moments of humor and humanity. Overall, Miasma Chronicles successfully combines a serious tactical RPG with compelling storytelling, aided by its tailored difficulty options and engaging narrative. Read Shacknews review

Gamerbraves Review (70%)

Miasma Chronicles is a highly recommended turn-based game with an intriguing world and interesting characters. It offers engaging combat encounters that will keep players invested until the end. While it has some flaws such as occasional difficulty spikes, dull exploration segments, and technical issues like frame rate drops, it still provides an enjoyable overall experience. Fans of the turn-based genre will particularly appreciate the game’s challenging nature and strategic gameplay. Despite its shortcomings, Miasma Chronicles shows promise and leaves a positive impression for future releases. Read Gamerbraves Review

Miasma Chronicles

CheckPointGaming Review (7.5)

The review highlights that Miasma Chronicles adds stealth elements to the turn-based strategy genre, successfully encouraging players to adopt guerrilla-warfare tactics. The gameplay immerses players and motivates them to carefully plan their strategies. However, there are some flaws, such as issues with abilities and environmental objects not functioning properly, as well as the risk of making accidental mistakes during battle observation. Despite these weaknesses, the game offers more strengths than weaknesses, resulting in an enjoyable and fun strategic experience. Read CheckPointGaming Review.

Tom’s Hardware Review (8.4)

Miasma Chronicles is an excellent hybrid of an action RPG and a turn-based strategy game, taking what was good in Mutant Year Zero and Corruption 2029 and making it even better. However, the strong connection to the developer’s previous works raises some questions about its originality. Nonetheless, it is described as a great game overall. If you love the genre, don’t miss out on Miasma Chronicles. Read the Italian Tom’s Hardware Review.

Pros and Cons of Miasma Chronicles

In general, these reviews highlight several key points about Miasma Chronicles:

  1. Strong Worldbuilding and Storytelling: The game is praised for its immersive world and compelling narrative that critically examines real-world issues, such as the power of corporations and the ruling class’s actions in times of crisis.
  2. Engaging Combat and Strategic Gameplay: Miasma Chronicles offers enjoyable turn-based combat encounters that keep players invested until the end. It encourages strategic thinking and planning, and the addition of stealth elements adds depth to the gameplay.
  3. Balancing Dark Themes with Humor and Humanity: Despite its grim setting, the game successfully balances dark themes with moments of humor and humanity, creating a well-rounded and emotionally engaging experience.
  4. Tailored Difficulty Options: The game provides various difficulty settings, allowing players to choose a level of challenge that suits their preferences. This multifaceted approach to difficulty enhances the game’s accessibility and appeal.
  5. Flaws and Technical Issues: Some reviews mention occasional difficulty spikes, dull exploration segments, and technical issues such as frame rate drops. However, these flaws are generally outweighed by the game’s strengths.
  6. Positive Impression and Promise: Despite the flaws and connections to the developer’s previous works, the reviews overall leave a positive impression of Miasma Chronicles. The game is seen as a highly recommended title with great potential for future releases.

In summary, the reviews emphasize Miasma Chronicles‘ strengths in worldbuilding, storytelling, engaging gameplay, and strategic depth, while acknowledging its flaws. Overall, the game is praised as an enjoyable and captivating experience for fans of the genre.

Now we have to wait until tomorrow, when all common mortals can venture into the world of Miasma Chronicles on PC via Steam and Epic, PlayStation, and Xbox.


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