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Wanderer's Sigil

Wanderer’s Sigil is an innovative turn-based roguelike RPG from Viabo Games set in a mystical post-apocalyptic world, where players guide a brave team of Wanderers through treacherous lands, fighting for survival. The game features a dynamic dice-building system in which character equipment influences the outcome of dice rolls, affecting both combat and exploration.

Wanderer's Sigil Gameplay

Key features of the game include:

  • Procedurally generated world, characters, and storylines
  • Gameplay-altering decisions
  • Dice-building system where character equipment changes the dice
  • Simple, tactical, turn-based combat with dice representing abilities
  • Challenging exploration and resource management
  • Post-apocalyptic fantasy setting where survival is paramount

The game thrusts players into a realm fractured by rampant magic, where remnants of a once-flourishing civilization now fight to endure. The custom dice system plays a central role, shaping character abilities, combat outcomes, and story events. The equipment you find during your journey impacts the dice you roll, making strategic choices crucial to your survival.

As you navigate hazardous terrains, you’ll be forced to make tactical decisions about your battles and goals. Resource management is crucial as you must decide whether to prioritize treasure or essential supplies for your survival. Victory lies in your ability to adapt and use your resources wisely.

Watch the Wanderer’s Sigil Announcement Teaser below.

The world of Wanderer’s Sigil is full of danger, with hostile creatures and treacherous environments lurking at every corner. Tactical turn-based combat is vital to your survival, requiring strategic planning and precise decision-making. Roll your dice to use your characters’ abilities and outsmart your opponents.

Wanderer’s Sigil is scheduled to launch on PC in Q1 2024. Brace yourself for an enthralling adventure that will test the human spirit’s resilience. Will you be the one to uncover the dark secrets of the past and triumph where others have faltered?

About Viabo Games

Viabo Games is a promising Polish indie studio founded in 2021. They have recently released their first game, Blaze in Space: Beat-a-Maze. What began as a dream of ambitious gamers desiring to create new worlds has matured into a focused team with a shared vision.

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Below is an overview of the game via their Steam page:

Modify your characters represented by a custom dice. Exploration, combat, story events, camping – you will use dice everywhere, so think carefully about the appropriate equipment that will help you survive.

Manage up to 4 characters in your team. Even with the best equipment, watch out for the well-being of your companions – exhausted and defeated in battle characters receive fatigue points, and these, over time, lead to death.

Explore procedurally generated world and storylines resulting in an ever-changing adventure. Navigate through unexpected events as you traverse diverse landscapes.

Combat System

Roll your dice in tactical turn-based combat against the remnants of fallen adventurers and outlaws corrupted by magic.

Plan your route carefully, because the Wanderer’s Sigil will offer only a glimmer of safety amidst a hazardous path. As the strength of the Sigil weakens, your expedition will be more and more challenging.

Balance limited cargo capacity. Will you prioritize taking valuable treasures or ensuring you have enough items to set up one more camp?

Earn recognition through quests, ascend in the guild’s ranks, and unlock powerful upgrades.

In the aftermath of a magical cataclysm, strange and frightening places appeared where the emanation of power was strongest. Bizarre beasts and plants began to inhabit vast lands, forcing humankind to seek refuge in enclaves guarded by magical Sigils.

But not everyone has given up. Fearless souls known as Wanderers, all united by resilience, resourcefulness, and unwavering spirit, ventured beyond the safe walls of settlements. They started traversing dangerous lands to trade vital resources, carry news and search for clues about the magical devastation that changed the world forever.

And among them, you.

Strive to discover all the dark secrets of the world’s past. You might be the first to succeed.

Key features:

  • Procedurally generated world, characters and storylines
  • Customizable dice with synergy mechanic
  • Singleplayer, turn-based gameplay and combat
  • Gameplay-altering decisions
  • Resource management
  • A guild reputation system


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