New Update for ‘Into The Breach’ Brings Bug Fixes and Improvements

Written by Marcello TBL

Into The Breach

According to a recent post from the developers on the game’s Reddit forum, a new update for Subset Games’ Into The Breach will soon be released, bringing various bug fixes and improvements. The update, ver.1.2.88, will include tweaks to some in-game achievements, improved visibility on certain tiles, and a Switch-specific change that allows for greater touchscreen control.

The update will be released on Steam first, before coming to the Switch in the following weeks. For more information on the update, check out the patch notes below.

-Fixed cloning Power Cores exploit involving the Store’s undo option

-Fixed repair platform exploit for achievements involving healing and using ‘undo move’

-Plasmodia, Spider, and Blobber bosses will correctly take damage from Void Shocker

-Kills from the Void Shocker will correctly trigger on-death effects and XP

-Frame Limiting setting and End Turn Confirmation setting fixed

-Alpha Vek icon restored (important for colorblind mode) for some of the new enemies

-Removed Earth Mover / Mine Bots from the Attack Order display. They do not have queued attacks, so any positional order is misleading.

-Restored Terrain Icons in situations where Fire may be obscuring other tile information (Conveyor Belts, Cracked, etc.)

-Using Enrage Shot to make an enemy attack a blank space will now appropriately trigger Void Shocker

-Logic for determining if a tile is “dangerous” has been improved to account for units being pushed. This is helpful for Enemy AI, Pod Placement, and more.

-Enemies should no longer spawn behind the player on the Forest Fire mission (rare issue)

-Earth Mover’s tile will can no longer start as Cracked

-Possible fix: Game could hang when it could not find a place for pawns to spawn

-“Let’s Walk” achievement will only count enemies now (as described in the text)

-“Minor” enemies will no longer count towards the “Pacifist” achievement (making it easier)

-Fixed bugs around Networked Shielding to make it more consistent

-ACID will now remove Vek Mites even if the pilot has Thick Skin

-Fix for extremely rare cases of Vek corpses being pushed when they should not be

-Fixed numerous bugs around the weapon effect preview UI

-Wind Torrent push-ordering has been modified to make outcomes more consistent with the effect preview

-Minor text / UI issues fixed

Mod Helpers:

-Pilot skill “blacklist” is now a part of the scripts

-Blank “modloader.lua” file is now in the script file to help with mod loadings

-Added “GetFTLPilots” to pilots.lua for generating the Secret Pod pilot list.

-Added access to Pawn:SetBoosted(bool) for the scripts

Mobile Specific:

-Integrated new Netflix software update to improve stability and Netflix login issues

-Enabled the option to disable “Stretch Scaling” on mobile / tablet platforms

-Minor UI issues fixed

Switch Specific:

-Developer Console fixed and will function as expected (three finger swipe to open + closes after entering a console command)


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