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Old World – New Campaign

Written by Marcello TBL

Old World Pc Game

Mohawk Games will launch the first scenario of The Rise of Carthage campaign for their 4X historical strategy title, Old World, currently available through early access on the Epic Games Store, on Thursday, May 13, 2021. This first scenario, entitled Ox Hide, tasks players with developing the ancient civilization of Carthage under specific conditions, providing a new challenge where a certain number of goals must be achieved to secure victory.

As Daniels “Solver” Umanovskis, designer/programmer at Mohawk Games explains, “With this campaign we’re shedding light on lesser-known history. Carthage, in comparison to Greece and Rome, is not quite as well-documented or represented on the historical scene. This scenario is a great chance to really showcase what Carthage was all about and maybe what could have been.”

Inspired by the harsh beginnings of Carthage’s history, players begin the scenario weaker than the standard game. There’s no military might to start with, and fewer technologies available; however, Carthage can spend gold to hire Mercenaries, opening up the surrounding tribes as potential hires. During the scenario, players will be faced with tough decisions that impact which noble families will gain their favour, which ties nicely into the existing mechanic of family opinion and legacy-altering narrative events. Success level is determined by the number of goals completed – 6 goals earn a bronze victory, 8 goals will earn a silver victory, while ten goals is a gold victory. The best players will aim to complete all 12 which is an epic victory.

All of the campaign’s scenarios will be available via free updates during the game’s Early Access phase.

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