Pier of the Unknown DLC for Cassette Beasts: Dive Into a Spooky New World This October!

Written by Marcello TBL

Cassette Beasts

Cassette Beasts, the open-world monster-taming RPG by Bytten Studio, will soon let players embark on an all-new mysterious journey! Teaming up with Raw Fury, they’re unleashing the highly anticipated Pier of the Unknown DLC this October 4 on platforms including PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

This content-rich DLC, priced at 6.99 USD/6.89 EUR/5.89 GBP/29 CYN/800 JPY, offers a fresh storyline, 12 never-seen-before monsters, and the mystifying location of Brightside Pier. Dive into the game’s teaser to catch a glimpse.

Brightside Pier: An Enchanting Realm Awaits

Drenched in mystery and suspense, the newly introduced Brightside Pier promises to be a haven for explorers. Abandoned for years, nature has taken back its rightful place, turning it into an eerie yet enchanting land. Three carnival-themed attractions are waiting to be discovered, each housing secrets and the new 12 monsters that expand the Cassette Beasts’ universe to a whopping 141 creatures. Think of the astounding 19,881 fusion possibilities for your team!

Pier of the Unknown DLC Highlights Include:

  • An enthralling new storyline.
  • The mysterious Brightside Pier, featuring three carnival-themed attractions.
  • A dozen unique monsters exclusive to Brightside Pier.
  • Five fashionable character costumes.
  • An added gameplay time of approximately 4-10 hours.

Moreover, fans will recall the free “Catacombs” update introduced earlier this summer, unveiling the Abandoned Mine location and more gameplay enhancements. And, yes, the whispers are true! An eight-player online multiplayer mode is under works, set to redefine gaming interactions across platforms.

Cassette Beasts: The Fusion-Packed Adventure Continues

Set in the picturesque New Wirral, Cassette Beasts’ world is brimming with strange creatures and transformations. Players use cassette tapes to morph into monsters and take on battles. Fusing two creatures allows for stronger entities, multiplying gameplay strategies.

Whether you wish to embark on a solo journey or team up in co-op multiplayer, Cassette Beasts offers an unforgettable ride on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Subscribed to Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass? You’re in for a treat! Cassette Beasts awaits you there.

For exclusive updates and news, check out www.CassetteBeasts.com and stay tuned to their official Twitter and Discord channels.


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