Project Haven – Demo available soon

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Project Haven

PROJECT HAVEN, a tactical turn-based indie game being developed by a two person team from Portugal and written by the writer of Path of Exile, will have a playable demo as part of the Steam Game Festival.

Foresight Games announced that PROJECT HAVEN, a challenging dystopian tactical turn-based RPG, will be joining the Steam Game Festival Summer Edition (set for June 9th to June 14th).

The players will be able to play the first 3 campaign missions in single-player and have a glimpse of the co-op feature (that will be available for the campaign mode in the full release), with the skirmish mode where they will be able to battle with up to three friends against AI or against each other.

As part of the event, Foresight Games, will also be hosting a live playthrough,  on Friday June 12th starting at 5PM UTC, where they will be showing off the Demo and chatting with the audience!


PROJECT HAVEN is an upcoming dystopian tactical turn-based game that puts the player in charge of the Steel Dragons, a motley crew of mercenaries that fights for survival in the harsh streets of Haven City, the last city of Earth. The player will be offered contracts, undertake personal and side missions that will reveal both the depths of desperation and the heights of hope that drive the struggling citizens of Haven City.

The player will have at their disposal a variety of mission types and challenges and once a contract is accepted, it’s up to them to select, equip and control their squad of mercs in order to achieve the mission goals. The player will have the option to explore different fighting styles using a combination of equipment, attributes, specializations and skills against handcrafted enemies and environments that cater to multiple tactics.


  • Manual override on aiming: PROJECT HAVEN’s unique free-aiming system allows the player to take control of a merc and manually shoot from 3rd person view. With the modular damage feature, the player can wing their enemy to reduce their accuracy, shoot them in the legs to slow their movement or go for sweet extra damage with a headshot.
  • Flexible tactical combat: Hunker down or lean into cover. Use stealth to avoid detection. Throw grenades or heal their mercs. Hack locks or demolish walls to get to their enemies. And all the while the mercs have free movement, navigating without restrictive square or hex grids. 
  • Mature storytelling: As events unfold, the player will learn the harsh realities of a seething megacity full of desperation and dark secrets. Witness the gritty lives of mercs and NPCs, and experience a story-driven campaign with fully voiced and motion-captured characters and cinematics. 
  • Rpg character building: The player commands a group of mercenaries, each with their own unique personality and attitude towards other characters. As they gain experience and level up, the player can improve their attributes and unlock new skills.
  • Advanced weapon mechanics: Magazine management, chambered bullets, and different types of ammo for different situations. Calibers and ammunition types affect how far and how well projectiles penetrate and damage the target.
  • Co-op and skirmish mode: The player can go solo or with up to 3 friends through the turn-based online co-op campaign mode, or skirmish in procedurally generated maps, fighting against friends or AI, either alone or co-op.


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