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REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM – The Infestation Begins!

Written by Marcello TBL

Remore: Infested Kingdom RPG

Journey into the cruel and punishing land of death and despair in the tactical RPG REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM. As players, you will lead a band of Survivors struggling against grotesque creatures known as The Infested that now plague the kingdom of REMORE. Dive deep into the mysteries of the apocalypse, relying solely on your wits and skills to ensure your party survives to see another day.

Remore Infested Kingdom

Key Features and Updates:

  • New Contents: The game introduces the highest difficulty level “Despair” and adds four stages including “Inn,” “Barracks,” “Grocery,” and “Manor House.” Players will also find the “Recurring Nightmare” and “Iron Will” options.
  • New Combat System: The game has introduced the “Armor,” “Counter,” and “Pursuit” systems, enhancing tactical options and game tension.
  • Battle System Improvements: Players can now quickly swap weapons without accessing the inventory. Several tweaks have been made to improve the battle experience.
  • New Tools: Tools like “Pebble Pouch” and “Coin Pouch” have been added.
  • Character Additions and Modifications: New characters have been introduced, and existing ones like “Knight Errant William” and “Militia Edwin” have been modified.
  • Hideout System Enhancements: Players can now customize weapon stats, improve tool functionality, gather resources from cleared maps, and barter items.

The game developers have expressed their gratitude to the community for their feedback on the demo version. They have implemented many of these suggestions to enhance the gaming experience. The game is now available in Early Access, and the developers hope players will enjoy the changes.

Remore Infested Kingdom

About the Game

REMORE: INFESTED KINGDOM is a challenging turn-based tactical RPG set in a medieval apocalyptic world. The game emphasizes the fragility of the survivors, where every step could be fatal. The game has been developed by Black Anchor and published by Webzen.

The game is currently in Early Access, with a price tag of $14.99. The developers valuing player feedback to refine and improve the game. They plan to have the game in Early Access for about 7 months, from late 2023 to early 2024. The full version will feature three chapters, spanning about 14 stages, and will introduce new weapons, character growth systems, and battle compositions. Below the Early Access Trailer.


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