Sink Your Teeth into Cabernet’s First Public Demo at the Steam Visual Novel Fest

Written by Marcello TBL

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Party for Introverts has today announced that the first public demo for the much-anticipated Cabernet will be available across Steam Visual Novel Fest from August 7th.

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Players will have the opportunity to explore the mysterious depths of Cabernet for the first time as part of the Steam Visual Novel Fest. They will follow Liza, a fledgling vampire struggling between retaining her mortality and descending further into the horror she has become. They will use her newfound vampiric abilities to survive the night – or become consumed by the thrill of the hunt.

Cabernet is all about choices, from forging relationships to battling hunger. Players will uncover an intoxicating life full to the brim with possibilities, but they must be mindful of their choices – because they may come back to bite them.

“Creating emotion-driven stories is our passion, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to publicly share the Cabernet demo for the first time during Steam’s Visual Novel Fest,” said Arseniy Klishin and Laura Gray of Party for Introverts. “We can’t wait for players to sink their teeth into our tale and all of the other incredible works of interactive fiction showcased at the Fest.”

The Cabernet demo will be available to download on Steam for free as part of the Steam Visual Novel Fest. The event celebrates the spirit of telling a story through art and interactive fiction with discounts and demos on current and upcoming visual novel games of all kinds, and will run from August 7th to August 14th. Below is an overview of the game via Steam and Trailer.


Cabernet is a 2D narrative RPG set in 19th century Eastern Europe. Guide Liza, a young vampire struggling with her morality and the supernatural world she has been pulled into. Beware, the taste of Cabernet is not for the faint of heart – prepare to explore themes of social conflict, alcoholism, and corruption.

For 400 years the elegant Countess Orlova has ruled your new home, inhabited by humans and supernatural beings alike. As a fledgling protégé, doors have opened to an intoxicating life full to the brim with possibilities. Could your afterlife really be this easy?

Use the moonlit sky wisely to plan your next feast and explore. Get to know the vampiric society and the humans who feed them. Uncover who will be useful and whose only purpose is a meal. Survive to see another night by returning home before the deadly Sunrise.

Unlock vampiric powers as you are immersed in local lore, rumours, and secrets. Shift into a bat, hypnotize your meal or become invisible. Battle your hunger and morality, deciding whether you’ll drink just enough to survive or become consumed by the thrill of the hunt.


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