Skirmishes Update for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

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King Arthur Knight's Tale

A new update and 2 DLCs are available now for the well-acclaimed RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale by NeocoreGames. As the title suggests, the update adds a Skirmish mode where players can go through mini-scenarios. Alongside the free skirmish mode, 2 DLCs are available in the store, too, for a price. Follow this link for the patch log, and below are some details about this update directly from the Steam page. If you want to learn more about the game be sure to read our review.

NeocoreGames announced today that two new DLCs and a new update are available for King Arthur: Knight's Tale on PC (Steam).

The new update adds a brand new optional Skirmish Game Mode to the game. In this mode, players are able to play through various unique mini-scenarios - all of which feature ten encounters, each more challenging than the previous one. With this update, the game now has three mini-scenarios available: "The Trials of Sir Tewelyn" is free to play and added to the game with the patch for everyone, while the "Pict Skirmish Pack" and the "Brigands Skirmish Pack" are both available as DLCs on Steam for $4.99 each.

New achievements and a new difficulty mode was added to the game as well in the new update.

As part of Steam's annual Autumn Sale, King Arthur: Knight's Tale is 35% off for a limited time. Other games from the NeocoreGames library are also on sale for this period. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is 80% off, while The Incredible Van Helsing trilogy and Deathtrap are both 90% off.


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