Stolen Realm is Heading for a Switch Release

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Stolen Realm

Burst2Flame is pleased to announce that their simultaneous turn-based tactical RPG, Stolen Realm, will be exiting its Early Access phase and releasing on Nintendo Switch in Q2 2023. The studio recently released the World Map Update, which removes the transition between the map and battles and introduces three new areas to the game, as well as other improvements.

Stolen Realm has been praised by players for its flexible class customization and lack of RPG bloat. It offers a unique twist on the deep tactical systems found in RPGs like “Divinity: Original Sin” with simultaneous turns, providing fast-paced encounters while still retaining the strategic depth that turn-based RPG fans love.

The highly customizable class system in Stolen Realm allows players to create traditional RPG classes or forge their own unique champions. With over 300 possible skills and 700 customizable items, players can experiment with different play styles. They can make a spell-slinging assassin, a frost priest, or a shadow knight, to name a few. The game also features D&D-like events where attribute-based rolls have permanent effects on the character, adding another layer of customization to create a truly unique experience.

With the latest update, the world of Stolen Realm, which changes with every expedition, gets even bigger. Players can explore new areas like the Dwarven Halls, Emerald Jungle, and Sunken Swamplands, facing new enemies such as spiders, giant scorpions, and Great Wyrms. The transition between the world map and battles has been removed, allowing players to take their fight directly to enemies on the world map. The game also supports up to six players in friction-free co-op play.


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