Final Fantasy Tactics Remake Rumors Rekindled by Theatrhythm Producer’s Comments

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The rumors surrounding the long-awaited Final Fantasy Tactics remake have been reignited with newfound intensity after comments made in a recent interview with Theatrhythm Final Bar Line producer Ichiro Hazama. When asked why the game included few characters from the Tactics franchise, Hazama’s response only fueled the fire, stating that the Tactics team was too busy working on a separate project to collaborate with them.

According to Hazama, the Final Fantasy Tactics team is “heavily engrossed in another project.” Despite the fact that several key developers have made the move to Final Fantasy XIV in recent years, it seems that the entire Tactics team has been reunited for this new venture. In an interview with Finaland, Hazama affirmed that “the Tactics team is currently consumed by their other project, leaving little room for anything else.

While some fans are eagerly hoping that this project is none other than the highly anticipated Final Fantasy Tactics remake, which was first hinted at in the Nvidia database leak among the 18,000 games, others are clamoring for a fresh installment in the Tactics universe. However, it’s also possible that the team is working on a different project entirely within Square Enix, such as further enhancing the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Regardless, it’s crucial to approach this rumor with a healthy dose of skepticism until official confirmation is provided.


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