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Tactical RPG Gloomhaven opens its door to Consoles

Written by Marcello TBL


Gloomhaven, the highly acclaimed tactical RPG, is set to make its much-anticipated debut on major consoles. Developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and adapted for consoles by Saber Interactive, this hit title will launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 18, 2023. What’s more, the game will offer full cross-play functionality across all platforms, ensuring a seamless multiplayer experience for fans.

Drawing inspiration from the award-winning board game created by Isaac Childres, Gloomhaven introduces a unique card-based gameplay system that rewards players who dare to employ their sharpest minds. With the option to delve into the immersive online co-op mode, groups of up to four players can tackle the game’s challenging scenarios together.


Excitingly, Twin Sails Interactive has opened pre-orders for Gloomhaven, accompanied by a generous 10% pre-launch discount*. Players can choose between two versions of the game, each offering its own thrilling content. The Gloomhaven Mercenaries Edition, available at €/$35.99 (regular price: €/$39.99), includes the base game and the engaging “Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges” DLC. For those seeking an even more comprehensive experience, the Gloomhaven Gold Edition, priced at €/$44.99 (regular price: €/$49.99), encompasses everything from the Mercenaries Edition, as well as the enticing “Jaws of the Lion” DLC and four additional skins.

Having already made waves on PC and Mac, boasting an impressive 500,000 units sold and receiving “Very Positive” reviews on Steam, Gloomhaven brilliantly combines the strategic depth of board gaming with the immersive nature of digital adventuring. Players can embark on the full epic campaign, encompassing the original 95 scenarios and exhilarating event missions teeming with danger and excitement, all in an effort to establish their reputation as the finest mercenary squad in the city of Gloomhaven. Alternatively, the digital-exclusive Guildmaster campaign awaits, with over 160 missions to tackle. With thousands of abilities to uncover, alongside a vast array of perks, enhancements, and gear to customize their loadout, players will be well-prepared to face off against legions of undead, monsters, and demons.

The highly anticipated “Jaws of the Lion” expansion, Gloomhaven’s first major content update, offers a wealth of new content. Players can expect four fresh mercenaries, formidable new adversaries, 22 additional city events, 10 new items, 24 battle goals, and an impressive 25 scenarios from the original board game expansion. With over 30 hours of additional gameplay, this expansion takes players into the treacherous undercity of Gloomhaven.

Gloomhaven Turn-based Rpg

Adding to the excitement, the “Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges” DLC presents a digital adaptation of Isaac Childres’ board game expansion, skillfully refined and rebalanced for a seamless digital experience. This second DLC installment comprises 17 challenging Solo Scenarios that players can conquer in order to acquire 17 unique items, each specifically tailored to a particular mercenary. With approximately 20 hours of bonus content, this DLC provides a true test of skill for seasoned players eager to prove themselves.

Both DLC packs will be available on consoles at launch, and players can enjoy full online co-op functionality**, accommodating up to four players in their quest for glory.

For those who prefer physical editions, the pre-order for Gloomhaven Mercenaries Edition is now open. This edition includes the base game, the “Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges” DLC, and, while supplies last, one of six exclusive collectible cards. It will be available on September 19. Below the console pre-order trailer.


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