The Starbites: Taste of Desert Arrives in 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC

Written by Marcello TBL

The Starbites: Taste of Desert

Get ready for an epic journey across a desert world scarred by space war in the highly anticipated turn-based RPG, The Starbites: Taste of Desert. Developed by IKINAGAMES, this captivating adventure is set to launch on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam in 2024.

A World Transformed by War

In The Starbites: Taste of Desert, players will embark on a captivating adventure on the desolate desert planet known as “Bitter.” This once-thriving world has been reduced to a barren wasteland due to the ravages of a space war, leaving behind a hauntingly beautiful, yet treacherous landscape.

The Fate of a Young Adventurer

The story revolves around a young girl who ekes out a meager existence scavenging for parts and treasures hidden within the desert’s unforgiving sands. Her life takes a drastic turn when she encounters the enigmatic “Oracle,” triggering a chain of events that will forever change her destiny.

Uncover the Secrets of Bitter

As you navigate this desolate world, you’ll face not only the hostile environment but also the growing aggression of AI entities and mysterious abnormalities that plague the entire planet. To unravel the mysteries of Bitter, you’ll need to forge bonds with a diverse cast of characters and gather crucial information.

Build Mecha, Build Friendships

The Starbites: Taste of Desert offers a unique blend of storytelling and RPG gameplay. You’ll collect materials from the field and strengthen your trusty Mecha companion while forming lasting friendships with the characters you meet on your journey.

Explore Delight City

Delight City, a tower-like structure rising from the desert sands, serves as a hub for the inhabitants of Bitter. Within its walls, people trade materials and share vital information necessary for survival. But the city holds a hidden secret that has yet to be uncovered. By interacting with various NPCs and discovering special objects, you’ll piece together clues and unlock new layers of the story.

Venture into the Unknown

Each chapter in the game introduces formidable bosses and potential allies with their own unique insights into the world of Bitter. Your alliances and relationships with these characters will be crucial as you delve deeper into the secrets of this mesmerizing desert planet.

Customize Your Mecha

Your Mecha is not just a machine; it’s your faithful partner in the vast desert. Collect materials from your adventures to enhance your Mecha’s core, giving it a distinctive style and abilities that suit your playstyle. Adapt and thrive in the challenging landscapes and against cunning foes.

Master Turn-Based Battles

Engage in thrilling turn-based battles that put you in control of the camera, allowing for a more immersive experience. Assemble a party of allies and unleash the full potential of your unique Mecha. Harness the power of “synergy” with your party members to gain a tactical advantage in battle. Experiment with various combinations to outwit your adversaries and emerge victorious.

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of a desert planet scarred by war, filled with mysteries, and teeming with unforgettable characters. The Starbites: Taste of Desert promises an unforgettable RPG experience that will keep players enthralled when it arrives in 2024 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to uncover the secrets of Bitter!



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