Turn-Based MMORPG Broken Ranks is Ready For a gear overhaul and boss difficulty levels

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Broken Ranks

Whitemoon Games, the developers of the Turn-Based MMORPG Broken Ranks, have revealed exciting plans for the game’s next phase. Set to roll out by the end of June, the update includes the second part of the much-anticipated gear overhaul and the introduction of new boss difficulty levels. The first part of the gear overhaul, released in April, was enthusiastically received by players, sparking a flurry of boss raiding and gear exploration.

Broken Ranks

The forthcoming update will introduce ‘ornaments,’ a quality indicator for all legendary gear, sets, and epics. Each gear piece can have up to nine ornaments, offering enhanced attributes, resistances, and other special effect bonuses. Alongside the gear overhaul, Whitemoon Games is also implementing new difficulty levels for boss instances, adding depth and variety for seasoned players and more accessible challenges for smaller groups or solo players.

More informations are available on the Broken Ranks website. The game, a successor to The Pride of Taern, offers a unique turn-based combat system in a grim, low-fantasy world. Its gameplay evokes classic titles such as the HoM&M series and Baldur’s Gate, with story-driven quests and an expansive world ready for solo, group, or guild exploration. Below is the Press News and Anniversary Trailer.

Wrocław, June 1st 2023 – Whitemoon Games is keeping up the momentum and preparing more big changes in Broken Ranks. The studio announced that the end of June will see the implementation of another update whose main element will be part two of the gear overhaul. In addition, players will be able to choose from several boss difficulty levels – a feature long-awaited by the community.

“The first part of the gear overhaul, implemented in April, was met with a warmer welcome than we expected. Players were raiding bosses like never before to get the power-enhancing drifs that match the vision of their characters. Watching them discussing, mixing and matching gear, and trying out new builds was awesome. That was our goal and now comes step two.”, says the founder of the studio, Krzysztof Danilewicz.

The studio unveiled that with the next stage of the overhaul, all legendary gear, sets, and epics will be given a quality level expressed with the so-called ornaments. Each piece of gear can have up to nine, divided into three stages of three ornaments each. Gear with a higher number of ornaments can be looted or crafted. Well, it’s all fine and dandy, but what do these ornaments even do? They provide what all MMORPG players like best – more attributes, resistances, and also bonuses that boost other special effects present in gear.

In addition to that, Whitemoon Games announced additional difficulty levels for some boss instances.

“We’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but first we had to finalize the most important elements of the gear overhaul so that everything fits together nicely. It’s not only about adding more content but also providing new challenges for the veterans and creating new possibilities for those who prefer to play in smaller groups. To give the latter something extra, the easy instances will also feature an experience bonus for pets that help players in combat.”, adds Danilewicz.

More details can be found in the article on the website of Broken Ranks – HERE.


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