Guildmaster: Gratuitous Subtitle | Gameplay First Look

Written by Marcello TBL

Guildmaster: Gratuitous Subtitle

Let’s take a first-look at Guildmaster: Gratuitous Subtitle by Jim Makes Games. An indie turn-based tactical RPG where we must face a lot of quests and level up our guild. Command an ever-changing party of four heroes in this challenging and irreverent fantasy adventure.


  • Challenging turn-based combat
  • Fifteen heroes to recruit, each with different combinations of skills
  • Weapon-based abilities, each weapon grants a unique combination of attacks
  • Combine melee fighters, archers and spellcasters in a party of four to take on each quest
  • Choose your Guildmaster’s appearance and their spells as they level up
  • An irreverent storyline with humourous dialogue between the quests


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