Telepath Tactics Liberated is out now. Check out the Gameplay First Look

Written by Marcello TBL

Telepath Tactics Liberated

The new updated and revamped version of Turn-Based RPG Telepath Tactics is available now on Steam. The new version offers tons of content, like classes, skills, new graphics, new features for the built-in campaign editor, and much more.

We played it for about 15 minutes (before being defeated miserably), honestly, the time spent it’s a little bit short, the game deserves a lot more attention and hours of play to be able to appreciate all its features. Take this video as a sort of announcement for its release, though, soon there will be an Erik (Strateture) live dedicated to the game.

About Telepath Tactics Liberated

An SRPG fan’s SRPG! Imagine Fire Emblem with destructible battlefields; the ability to place traps; the ability to shove enemies off cliffs, into lava, or into each other; and a built-in campaign creator.


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