Ancient Lands: the Tsar awakening – Overview

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Ancient Lands The Tsar Awakening

A combination of turn-based battles and a card system for gear, which allows you to create many combos in battle and get unique combat experience.

Ancient Lands The Tsar Awakening

Background story

This is a fantasy story about three heroes who became involved in the fight against hostile creatures. Where did they come from? What do they need? They must find answers to many questions and fight their source. Darkness is advancing into this world, and it will devour it if they just stand by and do nothing. Do you have what it takes to resist the armies of evil and liberate this land?

Ancient Lands The Tsar Awakening


Manage a squad of three heroes in the turn-based tactical game with card management. Unlock new weapons and collect unique decks for each hero. Combine actions of the heroes and take into account additional weapon buffs to gain an advantage in battle.

A lot of enemies will constantly challenge your skills. Use the environment for tactical actions, lure the enemy into a trap, or hurl him into the abyss – your actions decide it all.

Key features

  • Collect a unique deck of each hero.
  • Use the environment for tactical actions.
  • Locations filled with dangers and traps.
Ancient Lands The Tsar Awakening

About developer

This is the first quite big project that Anatoliy Sidorov did in his spare time. His main work is 3D modeler for mobile games but he wanted something different to try and the game “Ancient lands: the Tsar awakening” is the result of this desire.

Release date & platforms

Ancient Lands: the Tsar awakening is already available for Pc. A MAC versione will be avilable later.


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