Battle for Esturia – Overview

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Battle For Esturia Indie Game

Battle for Esturia is an old-school open-world tactical RPG where you explore the world, fight enemies, and recruit allies in hopes of defeating the undead mage who has conquered your home.

Battle For Esturia

In-Game Background Story

You are prince Valbrand, heir to the Esturian throne. A powerful undead mage known as the Lich King has conquered your home city. Now you must journey to the other side of the world in order to discover the Lich King’s weakness and find a way to retake your home.


In this game, you will explore a large open world filled with side quests and interesting characters, where you will recruit a party of companions and battle enemies in tactical grid-based combat.

Indie RPG

Key features

  • Explore a large open world filled with side quests and interesting characters.
  • Recruit a party of up to six companions, each with a unique character class.
  • Battle enemies in a tactical turn-based combat system.
  • Learn over 30 unique skills and abilities.
  • Make decisions that have important consequences.

About the developer

Esturia Games formed by Nathan Fortier, is a part-time solo dev with two young kids and a love for RPGs. When adult responsibilities mounted, and you can’t run long tabletop sessions anymore, the only thing left to do is create your own RPG. This is what Nathan did, working on this project for four years in order to satisfy his desire for world-building.

Official website:

Battle For Esturia Indie Game

Release date & platforms

The game was released on March 20th, 2021 for Windows and Linux.


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