Circadian Dice – Overview

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Circadian Dice Overview

Circadian Dice is a game inspired by single-player deck-building games, but instead of upgrading a deck, you build up a set of dice! The game is designed for short (10-30 minute) scenarios, but contains endgame modes that supports longer play sessions.

Circadian Dice

In-Game Background story

A cosmic entity has twisted time into an endless cycle. By observing the repeating patterns, the entity intends to destroy all uncertainty and ultimately control reality.

In Circadian Dice, you control a group of heroes that have managed to step outside this unnatural cycle and are now setting out to find and destroy its source. You will need to overcome a series of challenges by upgrading your dice to bend chance in your favor, and strategically using your limited resources to defeat your enemies and save the universe!



Circadian Dice is a game about probability manipulation and combo crafting: shape 6-sided dice into weapons of destruction, generators of wealth, magic conduits, or stat-boosting machines!

Key features

  • 11 scenarios, available in Normal and Hard Mode. In Hard Mode, each scenario is significantly changed with new enemies, secrets, and challenges!
  • Unlockable Endless and Campaign (“roguelite”) modes that turn the game from a skirmish-based adventure into an intense survival challenge.
  • 6 different heroes with unique characteristics and play styles.
  • 36 unlockable and equippable Relics that provide your hero with new abilities, change your stats and give you game-warping bonuses.
  • 60 different abilities that strengthen your hero, manipulate your dice or damage your enemies.
  • A semi-random upgrade mechanic for each scenario and hero, that ensures new combo opportunities every time you play.
  • 55 enemies and 23 bosses, each with different characteristics and abilities. (Almost) every enemy can be captured in your dice to give you bonuses and new attacks based on the enemy’s attributes!
  • High replayability: random mutators, semi-random upgrade opportunities, and near-infinite combo possibilities make each run of a scenario unique!
  • Extensive tooltips for every element in the game help you learn and strategize.

About the developer

Shuffle Up Games is a small group of game development teachers and academics who make systems-oriented games in their spare time. They take a lot of inspiration from board games! website:

Release date & platforms

Circadian Dice it was released on March 6, 2020, for PC. Below the video trailer. You can buy the game here.


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