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Desert Revenant – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Desert Revenant

Desert Revenant is a turn-based strategic Roguelike Deck Building RPG packing a huge variety of cards to do battle with. Think about your every move and make careful decisions in hand-crafted encounters as you cut deals with Jinn and humans alike in your adventures amongst the dunes of Elmyr.

Desert Revenant

In-Game Background Story

The sun burns your eyes, mirage hovers and shakes over the sands of Elmyr, you know that your journey will lead you to adventure and danger, the likes of which you can’t conceive.

The city of Soom has burned and now the Sultanate is waging war against the Jinn Kings, you get to choose from an array of characters to take on this journey, like the Leper and the Seer, and you must put together a deck capable of getting you through this harsh desert unscathed. The decisions you make dramatically change the storyline of the game, and the very fate of Elmyr itself.


Desert Revenant is a roguelike turn-based deck-building RPG that emphasizes game knowledge and skill over grind.

Desert Revenant

Key features

  • Multiple playable characters with a multitude of unique cards and tons of upgrades.
  • A unique focus on minions and summonable allies.
  • Multiple stories to explore where your decisions affect the world.
  • Visuals crafted by the Gods themselves.
  • 1 in the current alpha, with 3 planned
  • Experience a vibrant Arabian world, filled to the brim with story arcs and subplots.
    Upgrade cards and carve out your own playstyle!

Desert Revenant Release date & Platforms

Desert Revenant Early access is planned for this summer on Steam.


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