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Dungeon Scavenger – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Dungeon Scavanger

It’s a homage to old school dungeon crawlers with a retro look graphics and with content of 2 years of user-based feedback.

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In-Game Background Story

The game sets you in a remote town with an ever-changing dungeon that needs to be conquered. Your objective is to scavenge for loot in the dungeon while improving yourself to take of the creatures of the deep. Almost limitless equipment choices and varied monsters makes for a light grind RPG where every class uses unique abilities to survive.


The game is a dungeon crawler with a 2D dungeon travel map and first-person 3D battles. The combat is turn based with only 6 choices per turn that vary based on your skills and current combat situation. Some skills allow you to combine choices for a stronger attack or use defense while attacking. Differently from other RPGs, and like Neo Scavenger, you get to see the critical roll of an attack before you make the decision to use it. While that would make the attack the preferred choice most of the time, the flow of the battle could dictate that you will have to defend or use an item instead.


Key Features

The game is turn based with 12 classical RPG classes. All classes can cast up to 8 spell elements with unique status effects. Over 60+ status effects can be used to strengthen yourself or weaken over 300+ enemies. You can acquire all monsters as your companion to fight in the dungeon. 72,000+ unique gear to equip and battle over procedural random generated levels. Additionally, is touch and joystick fully capable and colorblind friendly.

About the Developer

Vidama Software LLC is a small studio based in Miami, Florida. They have poured their heath and soul on this project to make it succeed.


Release date & Platforms

Releasing on XBOX on August 21, 2020. The game is available on Steam and Android with the latest expansion released April 29, 2020.


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