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Skrupel TNG – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Skrupel TNG

Skrupel TNG is a science fiction 4X-style turn-based strategy browser game. The player controls a civilization that can build space ships to colonize other planets. There are different factions with their own ship types and ships can have special abilities like cloaking or jump engines.

The game is completely free and even open source. The focus is on multiplayer but you can also add AI opponents to the games you create. For new players there is a tutorial as well as 3 scenarios to get up to speed.

Skrupel TNG


One game round is only completed once all players have finished their turn (there is an optional auto-tick feature though). When doing their turns players can manage their colonies, build new ships, set courses for their ships etc.

There are multiple game modes that alter the win conditions of the game drastically. Recently two new modes were added:
– Mineral race: players have to gather as much of a specific resource as possible
– Invasion: players have to defend themselves against waves of enemy ships

Players can have formal relations with other players such as trade-agreements, non-aggression-treaties, alliances or war. These relationships can also be broken again.

The UI uses standard web technologies and focuses more on function than on form – there are no fancy graphics, the visually most striking feature are probably the ship images.

Space PC Game

Key Features

  • multiplayer turn based strategy in sci-fi setting
  • multiple factions with many different ship types
  • completely free: just create an account, there are no micro-transactions
  • players can create their own games and invite friends
  • very deep mechanics to master

About the developer

Robert Bleyl is a software developer hailing from Germany. For about 9 years he’s been working in the field as a full-stack Java developer – here full-stack means that he works on both the backend and the frontend.

His game Skrupel TNG is based on the original Skrupel which was also free and open-source, but it wasn’t maintained anymore and had very old PHP code. Over a year ago He wanted to play Skrupel again, and upon realizing that it isn’t around anymore he decided to recreate it.

Official website:

Colonize Pc Game

Release date & platforms

It already released in the beginning of the year but it’s continuously being developed further. I just recently added new game modes and features. It runs on the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera.


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