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Eldrum: Red Tide – A Branching Narrative RPG

Written by Marcello TBL


Look for your family in this immersive mobile RPG released in September on iOS and Android stores called Eldrum: Red Tide. Developed by Act None, a small indie studio based in Malmö. The game offers players a branching narrative with choices and consequences, and turn-based combat.

Below is more about Eldrum: Red Tide from its pages:

A deep and immersive mobile RPG featuring far reaching consequences of player choices, turn-based combat and branching narrative. A modern take on old-school text adventure games!

Eldrum: Red Tide is about a former soldier who is searching for his family in a world ravaged by war. His brother is gone without a trace, and he sets off on a quest to find him. The answer to all his questions lies at the end of this dangerous journey.

The player’s choices and interactions have far reaching consequences in both short and long term. Loyalties will be brought to a head and blood will be spilled.

The game flirts with old school text adventure games while adding depth to the story, modern gameplay and a state of the art user experience. It features branching narrative, character development, turn-based combat, multiple endings and it is accessible to everyone, including blind and low-vision players, on both mobile and tablet.


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