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Ephemeral Tale – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Ephemeral Tale

A Turn-Based Rpg that takes inspirations from the classics of the past and the loot system of Diablo.

Turn-Based Battles

Gameplay info

Ephemeral Tale blends traditional turn-based combat, dungeon crawling, and loot to create an unexpected twist on the JRPG formula. Find your way, write your path. Your story is yours to tell.

Key features

  • Explore: Explore varied environments in search of those who hold the power to rewrite fate. With 5 dungeons to crawl through, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to find some sweet loot.
  • Combat: Fight challenging and powerful bosses! Big bosses, small bosses, hidden bosses.. We got ’em all! Between a swathe of enemies (each with a unique item), and our array of bosses, combat never grows stale.
  • Loot: Collect powerful, randomized loot, and build your own style of play! With over 40 pieces of unique gear, there is a load of (optional, of course) grinding to do.

About the Developer

Dawdling Dog, ltd. is a small, independent game developer based out of Ohio, USA. Their passion is for creating fun, unique adventures for you to go on. Ephemeral Tale is their first release, but most certainly won’t be their last!

Official website:
Twitter page:

Release date & platforms

Ephemeral Tale was released on Steam on 14 January 2020. Below our first-look video, the Steam page link and the gallery.


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