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Fantastic Creatures – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Fantastic Creatures

Experience a turn-based 4X game filled with mythological units, decisions that matter and an ever-changing world.

Fantastic Creatures turnbased 4x

Background story

In the divine Chinese realm, Fantastic Creatures are awakening to a dire situation. The land is dying, resources are scarce and time is running out. Take control of Dragon, Turtle, Tiger or Fenghuang to unveil the ancient mysteries of Tian.

Gameplay info

Fantastic Creatures is a turn-based 4X game where you control your units on a tiled map. You create your cities (named pillars) on the map to gather resources and produce new units, buildings, and improvements. The map gets polluted by your actions. If not ket under control this could quickly degenerate and leave the world to completely die.

Fantastic Creatures

There is a questline that will let you fight other armies on the map as well as discover NPCs. You will need to extract strategic resources in order to progress in the technology tree, ultimately with the goal to bring back your old God physically in the game and decide the fate of the world.

Key Features

  • Dynamic map: explore an ancient, constantly changing world full of anomalies, resources, and encounters.
  • Mythical Bestiary: play with the 20 different units from Chinese dynastic times and folklore. Grab enough resources and bring gods back to the realm.
  • Fast-paced strategy: get your way to multiple possible victories in only a couple of hours. Fantastic Creatures is meant to be fast, avoiding the long and stale mid to late game.
  • Mythological China: explore the land of Tian and discover the richness of Chinese myths and legends.
  • Exploit resources: Qi and Jade are valuables resources closely related to God’s power. Extract it quickly, but be careful not to over-exploit your deposits…
  • Research technologies: unlock historic inventions and new techs to further develop your faction.
  • Settle new Pillars that are used to link the world with the realm of the gods.
  • Choose one of the four factions: play as White Tiger, Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird or Black Turtle, each with there own affinities and bonuses.
  • The main quest: find out why the realm of the gods is dying in an epic main quest.
  • Restore balance: an incentive to many decisions, restoring balance to the world will prove constraintful, but can also bring many rewards.
  • Dice based combat system: create your armies and take into accounts the possible outcomes of dice rolls: use affinity to overcome your opponents.
Fantastic Creatures preview

About developer

Blue Callisto is a solo indie game developer with a passion for strategy games. Before working on Fantastic Creatures, he published let’s play, guides and tutorials on his youtube channel where he gathered a lot of knowledge and insight of 4X games.

Release date & platforms

Fantastic Creatures is planned to be released in 2019, available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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