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Fates of Ort – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL


An RPG that reminds me of a pinch of Zelda but with original mechanics and retro graphics.

Fates of Ort developed by 8BitSkull is a promising RPG that presents a very original mechanic for the management of the battles.

In-game Background Story

Play as a novice mage, forced to take on the responsibility of saving the world and those that are important to you. Quests can be completed to gain access to new areas, save and unlock allies, gain items and powers, and more. Replays are encouraged because small decisions can have permanent and significant consequences, leading to different game outcomes.

Gameplay info

Practically when we are still the world freezes giving us all the time to decide our strategy to be used to defeat the different enemies that will face us.

We will have the opportunity to move freely in the kingdom of Ort and complete many quests that will be entrusted to us. There will be many unique objects and items that we will find and that will be needed to go beyond a certain point on the map.

We can use the sword and different spells we gain through the level up of our hero and another particularity is the fact that we can face the final battle practically from the start, it’s all up to us to decide when.

About developer

8BitSkull is composed by Alex and Karlis that first started working together in 2003 when they met each other on Newgrounds. Over the years, they have made numerous Flash games – including Wilt: Last Blossom and Zos.

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Release date & platforms

Fates of Ort will be out on the 31 March 2020 on Pc. Below you’ll find our first-hour video gameplay and steam page. Please let us know what you think about it in the comments and subscribe to our new youtube channel.


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