Fuzz Force: Spook Squad – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Fuzz Force Indie Pc Game

Fuzz Force: Spook Squad is a roguelite deck-builder with Dice!

Fuzz Force

In-Game Background Story

Very limited story. As a member of the Spook Squad, take on a mission to clear the Haunted Forest of Ghosts.


Play as Finn and battle Ghosts in turn based battles using Dice. Find dice, slot them into your gun and roll them to power your battle skills. Navigate a procedurally generated forest level filled with treasure and battles to power up before taking on the Ghost Bear.


Key features

  • An easy to get into deck builder with the use of dice instead of cards. Through using dice it’s easier to make decisions on what to add to your deck.
  • A turn-based battle system with dice rolling. Inspired by tabletop games, the effectiveness of your skills is determined by the dice you’ve equipped.
  • Explore areas and choose your path through it instead of following a map between battles.
  • Discover Status Effect dice and ability Modules. Fully customize your play style, utilize synergies, and give those Ghosts something to be frightened of!

About the developer

A solo developer making this game in his spare time. Before this, he only knew how to do art but upon trying some code it really stuck with and took him on a full project. His friends have given him a lot of help with working out some code and QA.

Official website: https://www.fuzz-force.com/

Release date & platforms

Q4 2020 hopefully. Full release on steam, demo is currently on itch.io.


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