Battle for Hexagon – it’s a mobile abstract logical strategy game. It has simple rules, it’s easy to play but still throws you a strategic challenge.

Battle for Hexagon does not have any premium currency, any loot boxes, or any other stuff that mobile developers love to add to their games. It should suit PC gamers who don’t mind playing some turn-based strategy on their phones when they have free time.
Moreover, the game has a multiplayer so players can battle with each other (multiplayer is in beta right now).

Key features

  • Easy to play mobile strategy game
  • No paywalls or any other mobile monetization tricks
  • Multiplayer mode
  • It’s cheap
  • Relaxing soundtrack

About the developer

Two-man indie developer team, made this game and looking for players.

Release date & platforms

Release: Sep 2012
Play Store:

Release: Jun 2019
App Store:



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