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Grim Quest – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Grim Quest

In-Game Background story

Grim Quest follows a dark fantasy / psychological (or even Lovecraftian) horror theme. I put a lot of emphasis on atmosphere and immersion, with lots of in-game text and verbose descriptions.

Without giving out too many spoilers – you are a mercenary stationed in a city under siege. The city is under threat from the Dark – a mysterious force that manifests dark aspects of the human psyche in material form. Your goal is to reach the origin of the Dark – the Tear – a wound in the fabric of reality made by some very powerful magic gone very wrong.

Gameplay info

Grim Quest is a classic turn-based RPG / Dungeon Crawler / Roguelike with an old-school vibe.

Key features

  • Immerse in a unique dark fantasy world with its own history and lore
  • Customize your character with 16 unique spells and 12 active & passive skills
  • Select one of 16 character backgrounds that each affect gameplay in a different way
  • Defeat enemies in classic turn-based combat using intuitive touch gestures
  • Manage your character’s sanity or suffer unexpected consequences
  • Manage defenses of a besieged city
  • Visit 4 infinite, procedurally generated dungeons with a variety of 80+ enemy types
  • Experience 50+ interactive, text-based events
  • Acquire 40+ consumable items and crafting ingredients
  • Complete quests and collect bounties
  • Relax or add suspense with 3 difficulty levels, optional permadeath and many adjustable settings for tailoring the game to your liking

About developer

Behind GrimDevstudio there is a mobile developer trying to develop games as a hobby in his spare time.

Release date & platforms

Android & iOS (Grim Quest is developed in Flutter cross-platform SDK) Release date is TBA. The game is currently available on Play Store:


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