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Kitty Tactics – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Kitty Tactics Pc Game

Kitty tactics is a turn-based tactical RPG where you conquer territory, vanquish foes and make friends as a cute kitty! Grow stronger as you engage in whisker warfare to unlock unique jobs and skills.

As you interact with the other cats on the board, you will build lasting relationships that drive the cats’ actions and behaviour. You can even further your bloodline so that your offspring does the fighting for you!

All this and more in the newly released demo!

Skill tree

In-Game Background Story

The castle courtyard isn’t big enough for all of the kitties, so there will be bloodshed! A shared history of the court is being made as the cats interact with each other, steal hard-earned territory and forge unbreakable bonds.

As the cats grow stronger and grow their empires, new cats will arrive to contest their dominion. They must fight for their own place on the courtyard! Friends and allies will be made through shared hatred of a common foe, and newborn cats will see the light of day as the war rages on!



In Kitty Tactics, your quest is to take as much territory as possible, one square at a time. As soon as you take half the board, you win the game! However, doing so is no easy task, since you share the board with a whole bunch of other cats.

By fighting and chasing away nosy kitties from your own territory, you’ll grow stronger, and unlock new jobs and skills! You’ll want allies, since those cats you chased away will want to take revenge, plot against you, and take your throne! Dominate the courtyard by making shrewd tactical choices, for the other cats will grant you no mercy!

Key features

  • Fast paced turn-based tactical combat
  • Territory focused gameplay
  • Lots of unique jobs and skills
  • Dynamic and challenging AI
  • Persistent relationship system
  • High replayability
  • Original music by Rupert Cole (link:
Game Over

About the developer

Ibe Denaux is a solo developer, and Kitty Tactics is his debut indie game. Kitty Tactics started as a side project in his free time as a simulation of cats interacting with each other but soon grew to a light-hearted fantasy game with heavy inspiration from classics as Final Fantasy Tactics and the like.

Official website
Twitter profile

Release date & platforms

Demo release date: 27/10/2020
Full release date: Q1 2021
Platforms: Windows, mac, linux


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