Last Breath of Freedom is a Tactical RPG turn-based game with many features…

Last Breath of Freedom

In-Game Background Story

The story is about a noble warrior called Shiold Liberi that lost his brother in a meaningless war. He then begins to question his superiors and is treated as a traitor forcing him to escape, leaving everything behind. Later he returns to avoid injustice and starts a rebellion against tyranny.

Gameplay info

A story mode and an online competitive mode for you to play against your friend’s squad.

The MacroMapa movement is inspired by final fantasy tactics but with a grinding system designed very carefully to not become boring or excessively hard.


Key features

  • Elements, weather, terrain, height are the in-battle features you must pay attention and the zodiac symbol, personality, equipment and stats of each hero are the out-battle features
  • Every hero will have 6 stats (Strength, Will, Reason, Concentration, Speed and Fate) and the player can choose how to distribute the points earned every time he levels up.
  • At first, we designed 7 intermediate classes (like Archer, mage) that may evolve to 14 final classes (like Hunter and Gunslinger or Wizard and Sorcerer).
  • More than 150 skills, 100 maps and 100 different monsters.

About the developer

Developer’s name is Cauan and this project is being guided with the help of a Brazilian studio called TowerUp that will develop the game if crowdfunding succeeds.

Facebook page:

Release date & platforms

If it goes well, the release date is between December 2021 and June 2022. The platforms are PS4 and 5, Xbox series, and PC.


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