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Legions at War – Overview

Be prepared for incredibly turn-based challenges in the campaign or online games against the best strategic minds in the world.

Legions at War

In-game background story

The earth is under attack by an unknown terror group with frightfully advanced technology. You are in control of the earth’s best military group and must save the world against this unknown terror group in incredibly challenging turn-based strategy combat.


Legions at War is a turn-based tactics game with strategic and stealthy elements.

Key features

  • Fight complex turn-based strategy battles against local, online or AI opponents.
  • +30 units including improved chess pieces. All units are equipped with unique special abilities and different weapon load-outs.
  • Full control over all settings like board size, moves per turn, special abilities, health, damage and turns per unit.
  • Challenge your friends to a match.
  • In-game text chat system.
  • Game notifications.
  • Online Tournaments.
  • Single Player Campaign.
Legions at War

About developer

Dewald Murray is a Software development that has started Digital Legion in 2012 offering software development services to customers. He quickly shifted focus to game development in 2013 and actively started the development of Legions At War. So it has has been 6 long years of development on the project.

With a separate full-time job, He was able able to patiently develop the team’s vision for this game. A sandbox environment where players can not only create any tactical game but load or buy from millions of creations created by the game’s community.

Legions at War

Release date

Released an early access build on steam 6 Des. 2019.

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  1. Just spent a few days finishing this campaign and damn was it a challenge. Game is very hard but so rewarding when you finally figure out the tactics required.

    The multiplayer potential of this gem is enormous, but unfortunately not many players active to play against.

    • Wow Gerhard, thanks for your information. Personally I haven’t played it yet but i must do it soon.


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