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Morose’s Delay – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Morose's Delay

Bad news, the mighty Morose is awake. The end of time is upon us… in precisely 365 days. Very bad news, you’re the only one who cares a little bit about it.

Morose's Delay Art

In-game background story

You are the sponsor of a greedy and insubordinate mercenaries squad you must control.
And controlling it means to demonstrate cunning and shrewdness to accumulate tons of money!
Also by the way, why not save the world? The clock is ticking! Will you be able to stop Morose in time?

Morose’s world is set in an alternative pre-apocalyptic history. The writing story is lined with black humor tinged with burlesque. The main inspiration is the series of novels Discworld of the English author Terry Pratchett.
This universe is presented to the player in a roundabout way, through his interactions with mercenaries, NPCs, quests, and other random events.

The 2D isometric visuals, suitable for tactical games, are elaborated to sustain the parodic atmosphere. It reinforces the universe’s coherence.

Morose's Delay Turnbased Combat

Gameplay info

Morose’s Delay is a turn-based tactics / rogue-like game.
The gameplay is loop is based on Management – Exploration – Combat. You need to gather a squad of mercenaries. No mercenary works for free, even to save the world…
The player must, therefore, ensure his squad financial balance, under penalties of seeing his mercenaries desert his squad.

Key features

  • Procedural treasure hunt
  • Each game is designed to create a treasure hunt in order to discover the location of three artifacts. These unlock access to Morose’s lair.
  • The world map is dynamically generated and covered with locations. They are characterized by a dark and humorous atmosphere.
  • The player’s travels between these places have a time cost. Over the course of the game, it counts down the Delay of 365 days before the GameOver.
  • The combat system is based on the turn-based tactical management of the mercenaries squad on an isometric board.
Morose's Delay World

About developer

Préface Studio is a two-person team that is working for two years on their first original game, Morose’s Delay.

Twitter page:

Morose's Delay developers

Release date & platforms

Morose’s Delay release date is set for the end of 2020 on PC.


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