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Odd Gods – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Odd Gods Overview

A 90s-style isometric cRPG set in the 90s where we can choose to be a Skateboarder, Goth, Raver, Jock, or a Nerd.

Odd Gods Tape

Background story

Odd Gods is set in the 90s where there is no magic, orcs and elves but only ordinary peoples who will have to travel through time to defeat their enemies for strange reasons. In every age there will be twists and turns that will make the adventure unique and original with different endings depending on the choices made.

Odd Gods Turn-Based

Gameplay info

Odd Gods feat a system of turn-based combat but with a very original basic idea. First of all, once the moves have been chosen, both ours and those of the enemy will occur simultaneously. Each move will have a duration of execution in seconds, which will make everything very tactical.


Odd Gods pc game

Key features

  • There is no chosen one. A grungy, low fantasy story set at the end of the 1990s. 
  • Classic ‘isometric’ camera on 3D characters and scenes.
  • ​Colourful, ‘low budget B-Movie’ Art style.
  • Subculture class system based on 1990s archetypes (Skateboarders, Goths, Ravers, Jocks, Nerds etc).
  • Music Genre ‘alignment’ system (Mainstream, Alternative, Underground).
  • Party-based turn-based combat system (‘Same Phase’ system with no RNG, no % to hit, just tactics).
  • Narrative features branching paths and multiple endings.
  • Hand-crafted exploration, narrative and combat content. No level-scaling, no procedural generation, no random encounters.
  • Original subculture soundtrack recorded with period instruments (where possible).
  • 90s-era difficulty. Odd Gods is not a game for the faint of heart, but the system is ‘fair’. Friendly fire is on by default. No bullet sponges. No resurrection spells – death is final… Mostly.
  • Take modern weapons back to older eras (Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern) and vice-versa, but keep an eye on your ammo count and penicillin, for example.
  • …. No elves, no magic swords, orcs, or any of that guff. 
Odd Gods Gameplay

About developer

Inn Between Worlds is an Australian independent video games studio founded by games industry veterans to focus on creating new genres of cRPGs. Their first title is Odd Gods.

Here are some articles for more information about this cool project.

Release date & platform

Odd Gods will be a pc game but we have no clue about its release date.


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