The PIT: Broken Bones – Overview

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The Pit: Broken Bones Overview

From Phantom Doctrine developer comes a new promising turn-based strategy game where we will have to manage a gladiator guild.

The Pit: Broken Bones

Let’s talk about The PIT: Broken Bones. A very interesting project that mixes turn-based fights with the management of a gladiator guild.

Gameplay info

The PIT takes us into a dark fantasy universe and precisely within a gladiator guild. We will have to grow our guild and our gladiators by fighting and improving the structures. We will be able to build new objects thanks to the forge and make exchanges with the traders.

The Pit: Broken Bones

Each gladiator will have his own characteristics that will fit best to particular roles. During the fights, we will also have to pay attention to the dangers present inside the arena, which we can also exploit to our advantage.

There is also the magic component, as we will find artifacts, rare and enchanted objects and we will have access to the wizard shop for other magical improvements.

The Pit: Broken Bones

About Developer

Creative Forge is a talented Polish indie developer in business since 2011. Some of their most acclaimed projects; Hard West, Phantom Doctrine and Ancient Space.

Release date & platforms

The PIT: Broken Bones will be released for PC but actually there’s no release date. For sure a project to keep an eye on. To stay updated on all the news just subscribe to our newsletter or reach us on Twitter.


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