Ruin Raiders is a turn-based tactical roguelike in which you command military squads on a no return journey into the ruins of an ancient civilization. Master turn-based combat, craft new technologies and deepen yourself further into the ever-shuffling ruins to unveil the past!


In-Game Background story

Legends spoke about an ancient civilization that sprung in the deepest caverns of our world. All their knowledge and technology was too valuable for them, so they locked themselves in those caverns, creating ever-shuffling passageways that would drive the most avid explorer crazy.

Not too long ago, the entrance to the underground tunnels was unearthed, and the Ruin Raider Association was created. A guild for the bravest to sign up and train themselves to leave in dangerous no-return journeys into the ruins. They discovered Entium, a powerful mineral that is now used to power the technology that aids them on their quests.

Legendary Raiders who reached the depths of the tunnels found themselves with not only the remains of a ghost city, but with the Gate of Dawn. As only the best are able to reach down there, information is limited, so what happened to the ancient civilization is still a mystery yet to be resolved. Will we eventually have to face the same fate?


Gameplay info

The players will enter the ruins to fight their way to the Gate of Dawn. There, they will have to clear their enemies in turn-based XCOM-like combat. Permadeath is granted since the beginning, as our squads are going into a no return journey.

As the players deepen themselves through the ruins they will have to face several challenges such as enemy encounters, puzzles, quests and Boss Fights. Each challenge has its own reward, such as equipment, materials or Blueprints.

The Blueprint System is an unlockable progression that will allow the player to be stronger the more they play, as collecting these will allow them to craft rarer and more powerful equipment.

Progression through a run is dependent on the number of upgrades on a character (perks) or weapon (accessories). Each character and weapon has a limited number of upgrades you can assign to them. Swapping them for new ones will destroy the previous. This will make the player have to make significant decisions before equipping looted or crafted items.

Surviving combats will increase your character’s experience, allowing them to level up when reaching a certain amount. This will increase their stats and allow the player to select a new ability from a binary tree.


Key features

  • Procedurally generated and highly replayable: You never play the same game twice.
  • Tactical Combat: Manage military squads in turn-based ground battles on a no-return journey.
  • 100+ items: Unique weapons, grenades, and accessories that you can loot, craft and equip.
  • Enemies & Bosses: Tons of enemies on each floor plus unique bosses along the way.
  • Strategic Base: Improve and expand your raider’s base to achieve powerful upgrades for your characters.
  • Unlockable raider classes and abilities: Unlock more races and upgrade your race abilities to deepen yourself further into the ruins.
  • Upgradeable weapons and units: Craft your own equipment and level-up your raider

About the developer

Overpowered Team is a indie videogame studio based in Madrid, consisted of 5 people.

Individually, they have worked on different games such as Anima: Gate of Memories, or THQ’s Scarf. After many years working together in smaller projects, they launched Profane on Steam, a Boss Rush Bullet Hell where time is your life and currency, winner of Tencent’s GWB Best Action Game award. As of now, they are in the production of their second title: Ruin Raiders. They are great guns of this genre, and they wanted to give it a twist by adding the roguelike generation system.

Official website:
Twitter page:

Release date & platforms

The release date is TBA. The game is being developed for PC, but the developers aim to bring the game also to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. Below the steam link.


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