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Solar rogue

Solar Rogue is a Strategy turn-Based Space Roguelike where you shoot planets and ships with some crafting and survival elements.


In-Game Background Story

You’ve been thrown in an unknown sector of space. You’re running out of energy and out there the Humans, the Jergs and the Vorgs are fighting for all the available energy. Try to survive, save your crew, and find the Ultimate Artifact that will be able to open the way back home.


Each level is a different, procedurally generated solar system. You can craft various ships with different loadout. Each weapons has unique patterns and attributes and can be paired with various utilities to enhance your ship and create powerful synergies.

Solar Rogue RPG

Key features

• 18 different craftable ships
• hundreds of weapons and items to customize your ship and build powerful synergies
• Many different planets and space anomalies
• 12 main levels and 3 optional branches
• 3 races each with unique characteristics and story

About the developer

A Solo Indie dev. He worked as a professional game developer for a big mobile game studio before decided to quit and make his own games. Solar Rogue is his first release as an independent developer. He also post devlogs and general game programming knowledge on YouTube ( ) so you can follow the progress of the game.

Official website:
Twitter page:


Release date & platforms

Currently in early access. Update 5 just rolled out with a lot of new features and updated graphics. The game is available on Steam,, Android, and iOS. If the feedback for Update 5 is good, then 1.0 should be coming out in early 2021.


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