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Spellsword Cards: DungeonTop – Overview

A promising indie roguelike turn-based RPG sapiently mixed with card mechanics and delightful graphic arts.

Spellsword cards rpg

Spellswords Cards: DungeonTop is a roguelike deck-building where we will have to choose a hero and explore dungeons in search of fame and treasures. A simple and robust formula with several original elements. I played the first 40 minutes of the game (at the bottom of the article the gameplay video) and now I give you a quick overview.

Choosing a hero

Before we start our journey, we will have to create the hero we want to guide. In the tested version we have the magician and the warrior at our disposal. In addition to the class, we will be able to choose between two allegiances that will modify our initial deck.

Spellsword Cards Events
We will face different events through our explorations

Exploring dungeons

Spellswords Card presents a nice way to explore the dungeons, being able to choose between various rooms without knowing what awaits us in each one. Inside, in fact, we will be able to find monsters of different kinds, blacksmiths who can help us strengthen our cards, events with different possibilities, treasures and much more. When we meet enemies, we can immediately see their level and the cards in their possession and thus decide whether to face it or try to escape.

How the battle works

When we decide to face up an enemy, we will find ourselves inside grid-based arenas. On one side our hero and on the other the enemy one. Before starting we will be asked which cards to keep and which to discard for the first turn.

Once our turn begins, it’s time to use our cards and draw the minions on the battlefield, each with their own special characteristics and abilities. The units we deploy can attack and move or vice versa on their turn. Then there are the spell cards that can be used on our units or the enemy cards with different effects.

Spellsword Cards Arena
The battle arena very well designed

To win the battle you have to bring the enemy hero’s HP to zero. It is very important to always keep our hero well protected because as you can see in my gameplay, it takes very little to be defeated, and when this happens it is game over, you will have to start from the beginning.

About developers

One Up Plus entertainment is an indie studio formed by husband and wife Andrew and Maggie. They work together making indie games full time at home since 2012. Last two years they are focusing on strategy card games because Andrew really likes playing card games and he has been playing Magic the Gathering for a long time.

Recently Byrn Welch joined them. He is also a very high-level card games players and game designer. Maggie takes care of the rest; art direction, hire and work with artists, and vfx designer, working with trailer designer, contacting publishers.

Spellsword Cards Library

Release date

Spellsword Cards: DungeonTop is ready for early access through steam on 16 th Jan 2020. Below my first look video gameplay and steam page of the game.

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