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Tactical Deception

A tactical turn-based strategy game where you lead a group of ex-soldiers against politicians, corruption, and criminality. How will you deal with them it’s all up to you.

Tactical Deception

Background Story

You lead a group of ex-soldiers who will have to deal with civil wars that have led the country to bow to corrupt politicians and criminality. We will face the angry population and the various factions that have been created. (Military, Bankers, Industrialists, Doctors, and others). We will have to make our choices and decide which path to follow.

Tactical Deception


We still know very little about Tactical Deception, but we already have planned an interview with developers to learn more. For now, from the images taken from the official website, the game looks like a sort of Xcom where we guide several soldiers on grid-based maps.

Tactical Deception

Each unit will have its background and its characteristics and abilities and it will be vital to choose the members best suited to the different types of mission that we will face.

Another interesting element is the 90-degree view of the enemy units which leaves room for stealth approaches

Tactical Deception

Key features

  • Turn-based strategy mechanic
  • Character development: Each character has their own story and skills that you learn on the way, so it’s important to assemble the right team for each mission.
  • Decision-making mechanic: Experience a non-linear story full of intrigue, lies and important decisions on who to trust. The choices will affect the path of adventure throughout the game and missions.
  • Replay value: Try spotting the truth behind every story by choosing another side and fighting different enemies
  • Tactical planning: Learn the importance of strategic thinking, make high-level tactical decisions and accomplish missions.
  • Field of view: The visual field of each character is 90 degrees, which leaves room for stealth sneaking.
  • Increasing action points: Action points can increase when a character is hit or sees a teammate being hit, when an alarm sounds and in some other special occasions.
  • 100% hit chance if you are near the enemy (no RNG).
  • Explore over twenty unique locations.
  • Comics art style.
Tactical Deception

About developer


Prothology is an indie studio based in Rijeka (Croatia) formed by two developers.

Release date & platforms

Tactical Deception is under development for PC, Linux, Mac, Android & iOS with no release date yet.

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