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Written by Luis Sanchez

TemTem Gameplay

The fantastic world created by Crema (a Spanish video game developer studio) has been gaining ground in the industry and was inspired by the well-known saga “Pokémon”. While many will think it’s a copy as it is of the Nintendo classic, we’re here to help you understand a little why you should give it a try and become the “King of the Temtem”.

Just over a year ago, Temtem was released and it already has a large number of gamers around the world, in part because developers have been able to listen to their community.

The story is not the most engaging, although they have added the choice of answers, the talks are a bit boring. Basically in the campaign, you will have to defeat the Belsoto Clan and thus prevent them from taking over the Airborne Archipelago, sure you’ve seen that before. However, it’s the perfect excuse to go out and catch creatures, while exploring the six islands and defeating the eight Dojo leaders who won’t make it any easier for you. Yeah, the first leader gave me a beating I’ll never forget.

TemTem Gameplay

And what makes it different?

First of all, we’re talking about an MMORPG, where you can make friends with other Temtem Tamers along the way. Although this system is not completely finished, the goal is to make the adventure cooperative (PvE) and competitive (PvP).

It features extensive character customization; despite you can’t choose a gender, you have many options of clothing, colors, haircuts, etc so you can feel free to choose your own style. So it could be considered an inclusive video game.

We also have the Housing system, which has become very popular in video games. You can decorate your way; and best of all, you can show it to your friends… because who doesn’t like look as pretty as possible inside an MMO. You don’t think it’s easy, do you? since most likely doing this will make you spend a lot of Pansun. So, I hope you are ready for restless farming.

TemTem Housing Features

Battle System

In Temtem, we can carry the traditional number of 6 members in our squad; likewise, there are different types of temtem making certain classes have advantage over others during the encounter. One thing to keep in mind is that battles take place in a 2v2 always. Unless you run out of creatures to release during it, let’s hope it happens to you as little as posible.

One thing that Crema understood very well, is that in other franchises we had a hard time deciding if we wanted to learn a new skill and forget one that we already had every time one of our creatures level up. Here you can add or remove as many times as you want the skills that the temtem gets.

One of the most important points is that each Temtem has Stamina (Blue Bar). Which will help your creature to use its skills in battle, but if using the skill requires more stamina points than you have, that amount of difference will be reflected by doing damage to yourself. So, it’s worth learning to master it wisely because maybe during the campaign you won’t have any complications but surely facing other tamers in a qualifier will make a difference.

TemTem Preview

We cannot forget the synergy. Some skills have a “Green Plus Symbol” on the top left corner, this will mean that if that temtem is fighting alongside another temtem that is of the type that the description indicates. It will give you a buff making it a little more powerful when it uses that skill.


There are skills that require waiting a certain amount of turns to be able to use them in combat, depending on how many lines appear in the bar of the same.


And finally we have Priority. From this stat depends if your temtem is the first to attack or the last one.



Keep in mind that the game is still in early access so some things can vary at any time. The game is quite promising if you are one of those who have grown up playing video games similar to this one. It’s not about comparing them, just enjoying them, it wouldn’t be the first and last game that uses a gameplay similar to other one, but adding its touch.

Are you ready to start your Temtem adventure?


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